Siyah İnci |Kala Moti | Black Pearl In Urdu Dubbed Watch Online [Complete Episode]

Siyah İnci | Kala Moti | Black Pearl In Urdu Dubbed Watch Online [Complete Episode]

Popular Turkish actress Hande Erçel’s television series Siyah İnci is currently available online in Urdu dubbed audio language. This play is known as Kala Moti in Urdu and Black Pearl in English. Those who are interested in watching this drama in both languages will know through this article where to watch it for free.

Siyah İnci is a romantic category drama, its season 1 aired on Star TV from 28 September 2017 to 15 February 2018 with a total of 20 episodes. Turkish This drama is in the original language, and the running time of each episode is 140 minutes.

It stars Tolgahan Sayışman and Hande Erçel. Tolgahan Sayışman played the role of Kenan and Hande Erçel played the role of Hazal.

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Black Pearl In Urdu Dubbed Watch Online

Currently in 2024 again this Turkish drama is dubbed in Urdu as Black Pearl. Several episodes of the drama have already been uploaded on the YouTube channel called Turkish Dramas Hindi. The rest of the episodes are expected to be available on this YouTube channel within the month of February.

The running time of each episode of the drama in Urdu language is approximately 42-44 minutes. So the number of episodes of this drama in Urdu may be approximately 65-70.

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Kala Moti In Urdu Dubbed Watch Online

This drama was uploaded in Urdu Dubbed language in 2022 as Kala Moti on the Urdu Dramas HD YouTube channel. But currently, only 8 episodes are available on this YouTube channel. The remaining episodes are not available here. So those who want to watch this drama with new episodes and a new Urdu dubbed language can visit the YouTube channel called Turkish Dramas Hindi.

Where Can I Watch Siyah İnci Turkish Drama?

1. Star TV
2. Dizilah
3. YoTurkish
4. Dailymotion
5. BiliBili
6. Turkish Masa

Is Siyah İnci drama available in Hindi language?

No, this drama has not been released in Hindi dubbed language yet.

What is the real name of the drama Kala Moti?

The real name of this drama is Siyah İnci (Black Pearl in English) and it is a Turkish TV series.

How many episodes are there in Black Pearl drama In Urdu?

Approximate 65 episodes.

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