Shakib Khan's debut in Bollywood, when will the movie be released

Shakib Khan’s debut in Bollywood, When will the movie be released?

Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan is going to make his debut in Bollywood through the film Dard, a joint production of India and Bangladesh. The first shooting of this Pan-Indian film has already started on October 7 (Friday).

Indian actress Sonal Chauhan is playing the lead role in this film along with Shakib. This actress is working in a Bengali film for the first time. Recently, the stars of these two countries have been seen giving interviews to various Indian media including Zoom.

Talking about the film Dard, the hero said, I just want to say that the new movie will be a unique movie. Because its screenplay and story are both very beautiful. I believe viewers will like this movie with a beautiful story.

Talking about the film, Sonal Chauhan said that the story and screenplay of this movie are so beautiful that she has read the script over and over again. And every time he read it, he was impressed.

He also said that Indian cinema has no specific language. In that sense, I have acted in different languages of India. Bangladesh is like its own country to Indians. So it feels good to act in this movie.

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This new film is directed by Bangladeshi director Ananya Mamun. Of course, he had worked with Shakib earlier in the film Nabab LLB, but this film is going to be an important project for his and Shakib’s career.

If all goes well, the Dard film is going to be released on 2 February 2024 in more than 30 countries in six languages including Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Karnataka. Although Shakib and Sonal are playing the lead roles in this film, many other stars from both countries will be seen acting.

Notable stars among them are Misha Sawdagor, Payel Sarkar, Lutfur Rahman, Rajesh Sharma, Deb Chandrima Singha Roy, Elina Shammi, Imtu Ratish, Rahul Dev and Jessia Islam (as guest artists).

What is the budget of Dard film?

Approximately 10 crores.

When Dard film will be released?

2 February 2024.

Which is Shakib Khan’s Bollywood debut film?


Dard film will be released in how many languages?

It will be released in more than 30 countries in a total of 6 languages including Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Karnataka.

Which is Sonal Chauhan’s first Bengali film?


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