Rattan Chinese Drama In Hindi Dubbed Watch Online All Episode

Rattan Chinese Drama In Hindi Dubbed Watch Online [Complete Episodes]

Recently, Chinese dramas and TV series have become very popular in different countries of the world including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and European countries. As a result, all these dramas and TV series are being dubbed into different languages.

So today’s article will discuss all the details about how to officially watch the Hindi dub of the Chinese television series Rattan released in 2021 and where to find it on other platforms. This drama is known as Rattan Sundari in Hindi dubbed language.

First of all let me say that Rattan is a television series of Fantasy, Romance, Suspense, and Mystery. The total number of episodes of this Chinese television series is 30 and due to its popularity, one more episode was added at the end to make it 31 episodes.

The main characters in the Rattan series are Jing Tian and Zhang Binbin. In the Hindi dubbed version, Jing Tian is named Ratn Sundari, and Zhang Binbin is named Veer Aryan.

Rattan Chinese Drama In Hindi Dubbed Watch Online

If you want to watch Rattan Chinese drama officially in Hindi, you have to go to Idragon online platform. For those who want to watch the series on Android mobile, first, install the Idragon -Ultimate VOD Movies/S software from Google Play Store.

Now sign in to the Idragon software with your Gmail ID. Then if you search by typing Rattan, all the episodes will come in front of you. Idragon has 30 episodes of Rattan in 6 seasons in total.

However, if you do not find this drama by searching, then click on the web series option from the top menu. Then go down a bit and you will get the drama.

The important thing is that when visiting Rattan on iDragon, you are asked to register with a mobile number. Then you must register with your mobile number. Those who see it from outside India may get in a little trouble here.

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Rattan Drama In Hindi Dubbed Download

Those who want to download and watch Rattan in Hindi dubbed on any platform other than Idragon software. They will get some episodes on YouTube and full episodes on Telegram.

The Aeon Pix Studios channel on YouTube already includes several episodes called Ratn Sundari. And you will get the complete episode of Rattan Hindi dubbed in Telegram. However, this series is not always available on Telegram.

The reason is that the series is not always available on Telegram due to copyright issues. However, you will search by typing Rattan In Hindi Dubbed on the Telegram channel every day. And if you get the whole series, you will download all the episodes together on that day.

Those who don’t know about the Telegram channel can find out about it by visiting YouTube. If you just open an account on Telegram, you will be able to watch many new local, and foreign movies, and web series for free besides the Rattan series.

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Rattan Sundari Drama In Hindi Watch Free

All episodes of this Fantasy Chinese drama in the Hindi language are available on Dailymotion and Bilibili online platforms for free. Those who can’t watch this drama from anywhere can go to these platforms and watch it for free.

Rattan Chinese Drama Season 1 Watch Online

People who understand Chinese can watch this drama from the Rakuten Viki online platform. Especially Chinese viewers can watch and download Rattan drama for free from this platform.

However, from the Rakuten Viki online platform, this drama cannot be seen in all countries because this drama can be seen in certain countries. It will be shown in the countries where this Drama is blocked (This show is not available in your region).

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Where can I watch Rattan Chinese drama?


Where can I watch Rattan Chinese drama In English dubbed?

Several episodes of the Chinese fantasy television series Rattan are available on Amazon in English dubbed language. But from here you have to spend $1.99 per episode to watch this drama in English dubbed language with English subtitles.

Will Rattan season 2 come out?

The last episode of the 2021 Chinese drama Rattan led to some speculation that season 2 might be coming. However, there is currently no information available online regarding the release of the 2nd episode of this drama in 2023.

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