How To Apply Online Chairman Certificate Of Bangladesh In 2024

Apply Online Chairman Certificate Of Bangladesh In 2024 Full Process

You can apply for the chairman certificate online at home using a mobile or PC without any hassle. As a result, those who do not want to go to the trouble of going to the Union Parishad to get the certificate can easily collect the chairman certificate from Bangladesh by following the process given in this article.

What is a Chairman Certificate?

The chairman’s certificate is a written certificate. This certificate gives an idea of whether this person or institution is a resident of this region or union and his character.

Requirements for Chairman’s Certificate

The Chairman’s certificate is required for marriage register, land register, change of college, job-related, or other reasons.

How important is a Chairman’s Certificate for Business Organizations?

This certificate plays a very important role in understanding how the service delivery of this business organization is, the trustworthiness of the customer, professionalism, reliability regularity, etc. In short, this certificate proves that you are doing business faithfully in compliance with all laws.

Who will get this online service?

First of all, not everyone can apply for the Chairman Certificate online. If this service is not available on your Union Parishad website, then you cannot use this method.

How to Apply Online Chairman Certificate Of Bangladesh In 2024

To apply for the Chairman Certificate, first of all, you need to search the official website of your Union Parishad. So, to find the website easily, type the name of the Union Parishad of your region in Google and search.

Example Original URL:-
Example ‍After Edit URL:-

Then add lg before to the Union Parishad website URL and click enter (example: Now click on the Citizenship Certificate Application option from E-Application.


Now a form will open in front of you. Fill it with appropriate documents. Of course, all the boxes marked with (*) must be filled. Then click on submit when the form filling is complete.

Documents that will be required

  • passport size photo
  • NID Card/birth registration/passport ( The ID card number of the document you have)

Important Note

To get the Chairman’s certificate in Bengal language, only the boxes of Bengal have to be filled. To get the certificate in the English language, you have to fill both Bengali and English boxes.

Now an application form will appear in front of you like the image given above, download it and print it. Then the print copy should go directly to the Union Parishad with the signatures of the ward member and two dignitaries of the area.

If you go to the Union Parishad and give this copy to the officials appointed here, they will print the original copy for you. However, while bringing the certificate, the copy must be attested by the chairman’s signature and seal.

How long is the term of the chairman’s certificate?

The validity of the Chairman’s certificate for government work is 3 months. If you need it again at the end of the term, you have to go to the union again to get it. However, this certificate can be used for private work up to 5 years (as long as this elected chairman remains).

But it doesn’t matter what job you take it for, government or private. If the chairman changes through the election during the validity of the certificate, your certificate will no longer be acceptable. Then you have to get this certificate duly attested by the new chairman and use the certificate.

How much is the chairman’s certificate fee?

Generally, there is no specific fee for a Chairman’s Certificate. However, different fees are charged in different places. But it is between 20-100TK. However, many places do not charge any fees.

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