Mirror A Tale of Twin Cities C-Drama In Hindi Dubbed Watch Online [Complete Episode]

Today’s article is going to be very interesting for those who like to watch Historical, Romance, Wuxia, and Fantasy drama series. Mirror A Tale of Twin Cities 2022 drama season 1 is now available online in the Hindi language.

So those who are interested in knowing where to download and watch this drama read this article completely. This drama has a season with 43 episodes with the running time of each episode estimated to be around 40-50 minutes. The drama stars Li Yi Feng, Chen Yu Qi, and Zheng Ye Cheng in the lead roles. All the detailed information is shown below

Mirror A Tale of Twin Cities Drama Hindi New Episodes Updates News

For those who have been waiting for the Hindi dubbed episodes of Mirror A Tale of Twin Cities, the good news is that the remaining episodes have started being available on Mx Player.

The Hindi version of this drama was released on Mx Player long ago. But then only 20 episodes were available here. The viewers were very disappointed as they did not get any information about the rest of the episodes and why they were not uploaded here.

Finally, in the month of November, the remaining episodes of the drama have started to be uploaded on this platform. So those who haven’t seen the rest of the episodes can watch it now on this platform.

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Mirror A Tale of Twin Cities C-Drama In Hindi Dubbed Watch Online

The Hindi dubbing of this drama has been completed and is currently available online unofficially. So if you want to watch this Fantasy Chinese drama, you have to go to Mx Player and watch it.

This drama has a total episodes of 43, but you can watch only 37 episodes of the drama in Hindi dubbed language on Mx Player. The reason is that since the drama has just been released on this platform, the rest of the episodes have not been uploaded yet.

But it is expected that the remaining 6 episodes will be uploaded here within this week. You can watch up to 20 episodes now if you want. Otherwise, you can watch the entire season 1 together even after the remaining episodes are available.

Moreover, you can also download Mirror A Tale of Twin Cities drama season 1 in Full HD 1080p/480p/720p/360p resolution for free from this platform. You can also watch the drama on Dailymotion and Telegram channels.

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Mirror a Tale of twin cities Chinese Drama in Hindi download

As many episodes of the drama, are currently officially available on Mx Player, You can be downloaded them for free from the Telegram channel. If you want, you can directly watch 1080p/720p/480presolution here without downloading.

So, to download the drama, you will get the drama by typing “Mirror A Tale of Twin Cities Hindi” in the search option of the Telegram channel.

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Where Can I Watch Mirror A Tale of Twin Cities C-drama?

Below is the list of which this A Tale of Twin Cities Chinese drama is currently available with subtitles on which platform and in which language. You can watch and download the drama from any one of the platforms from this list according to the language of your choice.
1. WeTV
2. Viki
3. Croton MEGA HIT
4. Myasiantv
5. Dramacool
6. Bilibili
7. Kissasian

Where can I watch Mirror A Tale of Twin Cities In Hindi?

Mirror A Tale of Twin Cities Chinese drama is officially available on the Mx Player online platform. But now a total of 20 episodes out of 43 in Hindi dubbed language are uploaded here.

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