Got a Crush on You C-drama In Hindi Dubbed Watch Online [Complete Episode]

Got a Crush on You C-drama In Hindi Dubbed Watch Online [Complete Episode]

Got a Crush on You is currently released online in Hindi dubbed language. Those who are interested in watching this Comedy and Romance drama in both languages for free can know where to watch it through this article.

Got a Crush on You Chinese drama starring Xu Kai Cheng and Gulnezer Bextiyar in the lead roles. It has a total of 1 season and 26 episode numbers, with each episode running time of 45 minutes. The first episode was released on 7 Dec and the last episode was released on 15 Dec 2023.

The story of this drama will see 29-year-old Song Xing Chen as a hospital doctor. When he was promoted, this time at dinner he announced that he wanted to resign. At the request of the family, he went on a blind date with the leader of the rescue team, Su Qing Che, against his will and quarreled to spoil the date.

Then Song Xing Chen attends a rescue training and learns that the team leader of this rescue training is Song Xing Chen. During training, the distance between them decreases.

How To Got a Crush on You C-drama In Hindi Dubbed Watch Online

Although it is not known on which platform this drama has been officially released in Hindi dubbed language, it is currently available on YouTube channel. A YouTube channel called C-Drama Mahal is regularly uploading new episodes of this drama in Hindi Dubbed version. Those who currently want to watch it for free can go to this YouTube channel and watch the drama.


Where Can I Watch Got a Crush on You Kdrama?

1. WeTV
2. TencentVideo
3. Viki
4. Amazon Prime Video
5. Apple TV
6. KissAsian
7. Myasiantv
8. Dramacool

How many seasons does Got a Crush on You have?

Only 1 season is available.

When will Got a Crush on You season 2 be released?

There is currently no official information on whether this Korean drama will have a season 2 or not.

Where to watch Got a Crush on You in Hindi?

C-Drama Mahal Youtube Channel

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