Gizli Saklı | Double Duty In Urdu Dubbed Watch Online [Complete Episode]

Gizli Saklı | Double Duty In Urdu Dubbed Watch Online [Complete Episode]

Turkish romantic, comedy, and detective drama Gizli Saklı released in 2022 is now available online in Urdu language. The drama is known to the audience as Double Duty in Urdu dubbed language.

Those who are interested in watching all the episodes of this drama starring Sinem Ünsal and Halit Özgür Sarı in both languages can find out where this drama is available through this article.

Gizli Saklı Turkish drama has released only one season and has 8 episodes. The first episode of the drama was released on 8 June 2022 and the last 8th episode was released on 3 August 2022.

Double Duty In Urdu Dubbed Watch Online

Those who want to watch Double Duty Turkish drama in the official Urdu dubbed language can get it on the URDU1 TV online platform. Also, the drama can be found by going to the Telegram channel and searching a bit.

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Gizli Saklı In hindi Dubbed Watch Online

Currently, the drama Gizli Saklı Turkish in Hindi dubbed language has not been released on any platform online. Moreover, there is no official information about when this drama can be released in the Hindi language in the future.

But those who are Hindi language viewers can watch this drama in Urdu dubbed language. Because Hindi and Urdu languages are very close, you will not have any difficulty in understanding the drama.

Where Can I Watch Double Duty In Urdu?

You can watch the drama by visiting the URDU1 TV online website.

What is the real name of the drama Double Duty?

The real name of this drama is Gizli Saklı and it is a Turkish TV series.

Where Can I Watch Gizli Saklı Turkish Drama?

1. Dizilah
2. YoTurkish
3. Dailymotion
4. BiliBili

How many episodes are there in the drama Double Duty?

8 Episodes.

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