Bishaash all episode, Where to Watch [BBC Janala Natok]

Bishaash all episode, Where to Watch [BBC Janala Natok]

Children who were born in Bangladesh and the UK in the nineties will be familiar with the Bishaash television series. This drama (Natok) was very popular, especially among Bangladeshis. Because every week afternoon on the day that the drama will be broadcast, they used to wait long before the start of the drama. So today’s article will be more beneficial for those who are currently looking to watch this TV series and don’t know where to go to watch it. Because in this article you will know where to go and watch all the episodes of the TV series for free.

Bishaash is a Bangladeshi adventure, fantasy, detective, and mystery television series produced by BBC World Service Trust, the first episode of which was broadcast on 16 October 2010 and the last episode on 18 March 2011 on Bangladesh Television (BTV). It was subsequently broadcast on the Zee Café TV channel in the UK from 6 March – 14 July 2011 in English.

This drama was first aired on BTV channel in the Bengali language as a special part of the BBC Janala Mojay Mojay Shekha’s show. which was originally an educational game show, which inspired viewers to learn English through fun. Bishaash was a partner program of the game show.

The drama Bishaash was first aired on BTV channel at that time and then after the drama ended BBC Janala Mojay Mojay Shekha show tried to teach English in simple language using some scenes from the drama. The game show was then hosted by Rumana Malik Munmun.

The drama Bishaash stars Rahmat Ali, Shama Rahman, Babu Md. Shaidul Islam Molla ‍and Arabi Rahman in lead roles. Season 1 of the drama has a total of 24 episodes, each episode having a running time of 25 minutes.

Where Can I Watch Bishaash All Episode

Bishaash natok is currently not available anywhere officially. However, the drama is currently available on Vimeo online platform with some episodes and YouTube channel unofficially. So those who want to watch all the episodes of the drama may be able to get the drama if they go to Google and search for different downloading sites.

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