Zuckerberg Announced: Facebook Has Changed Its Name To Meta

Zuckerberg Announced: Facebook Has Changed Its Name To Meta
Zuckerberg Announced: Facebook Has Changed Its Name To Meta

Today’s article about Zuckerberg Announced: Facebook Has Changed Its Name To Meta. Ever since the announcement that the name of Facebook will be changed, all the users have been curious about the new name of Facebook.

So after a long wait, Zuckerberg announced his company facebook new name Meta at a virtual conference on Thursday. He believes that Metavers is going to be the successor of the Internet in the future.

After the announcement, many were wondering if the rest of Facebook’s services would be renamed. As a result of this change, the names of Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook under the Facebook company will not be changed. Only the name of the main organization will be meta.

The social media Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004. Then Mark Zuckerberg’s hand did not have to look back on this social media. Today, after 17 long years, the users of Facebook have become more than 5B +.

The name of the company has been changed to keep pace with the future. And the reason for choosing the meta name is that Zuckerberg loves to read classics.

The word meta comes from the Greek word ‘beyond’ (infinity). The reason for choosing that word personally is that much more remains to be made. We also have a lot of new paths left to follow, this naming is based on that idea.

Mark Zuckerberg changed the name of Facebook and why Meta has been renamed. He also shared all kinds of details on his official Facebook profile. Those who want to know everything can visit Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page below.

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