Will Smith Chris Rock: The actor reveals what Smith was thinking after slapping Chris Rock.

In the award function, some such incidents happen which get printed in the minds of the people.

One such incident happened during the 94th Academy Awards Ceremony.

When Chris Rock became the presenter of the award ceremony, actor Will Smith came on stage and slapped him hard.

Many months have passed since this incident, but whenever the name of Chris Rock or Will Smith comes, people remember the slap scandal of the award ceremony.

At the same time, several months after this incident, Will Smith has apologized to Chris Rock for this whole incident.

Will Smith has shared a video on his official Instagram. Will Smith has answered many questions in this video.

In this video, Will Smith said- 'I went to Chris Rock to apologize but I came to know that he does not want to talk to me.

All I want to say is that I apologize to you for whatever happened. My behavior was not acceptable at all.

I am here whenever you want to talk to me. Along with this, Will Smith said that whatever happened on that day, I must have hurt the hearts of many people.

Actually, Chris was hosting the Rock Award Ceremony. As it happens in every award, here Chris was also having fun by becoming a presenter.

Suddenly Chris came down the stage and started making fun of Will Smith's wife Jada's baldness.

Will Smith did not say anything at that time, but as soon as he felt insulted by his wife, he came on stage and slapped Chris Rock hard.

Everyone was surprised to see this incident. Within no time the videos of this incident became very viral on social media.