Why did I get a Fortnite account ban notice?

Just like any other game, Fortnite is also not devoid of users who cheat their way into winning.

However, Epic Games like any others want gamers to experience a fun, safe, and fair environment.

In accordance, they have created a strict Code of Conduct breaking which can get your Fortnite account banned.

In other words, the Fortnite account ban notice means that the account in question is debarred to log into the game,

 irrespective of where he played including PC or mobile.

The ban stays there unless Epic Games deems it fit to be unbanned. This is the most common ban method.

However, there is another Fortnite IP ban by the name of HWID ban. It’s an ID ban notice at the device level.

The machine be it mobile, PC, laptop, or console gets to be permanently banned

 from playing Fortnite irrespective of any Fortnite account. However, it is an extreme but rare case.

Temporary bans usually last up to 30 days after which players will be able to claim their account back.

But permanent bans in Fortnite are indefinite and take place whenever someone is found cheating.

Here are the possible reasons why your Fortnite account can get banned: