Strange rock: found on Mars after 'Alien Door', scientists say

Brave rover orbiting the red planet about 132 million miles from Earth at the moment, feeling very lonely.

From dusty barren land to Jezero Crater stormy Mars winds Life on Mars is not for the faint of heart - or at least for those with open minds. 

Thus, despite being a robot on a science research mission, 

researchers on NASA's perseverance mission team were recently surprised to learn that perseverance accidentally adopted a pet rock.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. 

Boulder chose Boulder or Boulder, but scientists say Boulder found a comfortable place on the left wheel of the front of the rover, 

at which point it began to cling to him. According to a press release from NASA Around the Rock,

the rock has been around since the beginning of February and has traveled more than 5.3 miles around Mars; 

Perseverance has traveled a total of 7.3 miles since landing on Mars in February 2021. Fortunately,

the rock has done no harm to the tenacity, although it certainly remains up to its owner as it clings to the rover several miles away.