Shakti Kapoor: son's name in the drugs case

Shakti Kapoor's son and Shraddha Kapoor's brother Siddhant Kapoor is embroiled in a drug controversy.

Bengaluru police busted a rave party, where the son of a veteran actor was found allegedly consuming drugs.

According to the report, the Bengaluru police said that he was among the 6 people who allegedly used drugs.

Police raided a hotel on MG Road in Bengaluru after receiving a tip-off.

Police say that a rave party was going on here. Shakti Kapoor has responded to this.

Shakti Kapoor said in a statement to Itimes, "I can only say one thing - it is not possible.

While talking to Media, Shakti Kapoor has expressed surprise.

He said that he did not have complete information.

He said, I don't know anything. I just woke up and my phone kept ringing. 

Shakti Kapoor further said, "He (Siddhant) has not been arrested,

But has been detained by the police for taking (drugs).

I have as much information as is coming in the news and I am really upset with this news.