Neil Patrick Harris faces backlash as 'corpse of Amy Winehouse' meal resurfaces online

How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris has been branded "grotesque"

after a tweet showing a picture of his "corpse of Amy Winehouse" inspired Platte resurfaced online.

Only three months after Amy's tragic death, the 48-year-old actor hosted

a Halloween party with an array of spooky-inspired food and the platter has upset some people 10 years on.

Justin Mikita, who was a guest at the Halloween party, shared a tweet with a picture of the gruesome

looking meat platter which was labelled 'The Corpse of Amy Winehouse'.

Underneath was a description of what was served which included pulled pork, beef ribs, chicken sausage in a spicy BBQ sauce.

Amy was just 27 years old when she died in July 2011 due to alcohol poisoning,

after being very open about facing a long battle with both alcohol and drugs throughout her career.

 Writer Ashley Reese reignited the debate on the platter after posting a tweet on May 10 

and was left shocked at how people were only just discovering the picture.

She wrote: "I cannot believe how many very online people over the age of 25 are just now finding out

about Neil Patrick Harris’s disgusting Amy Winehouse cake…"