Nani: Pan India movie with Prashanth Neel

The trend of Pan India films is currently running in the South. 

The makers are coming to this decision with the idea that if any film is released on a pan-India level, it will reach a wider audience. 

However, rumors are circulating that Nani, who has never done a Pan India film in her career,

will also be doing a project with Sandalwood star director Prashanth Neel.

Nani recently responded to those rumors. Nani is bold in hitting minimum guarantee hits with family movies.

Nani is acting enough .. Expectations are rising especially on the movie.

No matter how many consecutive hits Nani gets .. he does not go big towards commercial stories.

He wants every movie he stars in to have something special.

Nani is busy with promotions as her film 'Ante Sundaraniki' is getting ready for release. 

That means Nani shared with the audience about her upcoming projects during Sundarani promotions.

Nani, who is currently working on a film titled 'Dasara', said that the shooting is 25 per cent complete.

When Nani was asked about the movie with Prashanth Neel .. he clarified that there are many rumors coming that there is a movie 

with Mahesh and a Pan India movie with Prashanth Neel and none of them are true.