Mona Lisa: targeted in Louvre cake-throwing attack


An apparently disguised man in a wheelchair threw a piece of cake into a glass to protect the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum,

and shouted at people to think about the planet Earth.

The Paris prosecutor's office said Monday that the 36-year-old man had been detained following Sunday's incident.

He was sent to a police psychiatric unit and began investigating the loss of cultural relics.

Videos posted on social media show a young man in a wheelchair wearing a wig and lipstick. That person,

Whose complete identity or affiliation is unknown, he was also seen throwing roses at the museum's gallery for loose guests.

The cake attack left a clear white creamy stain on the glass but did not damage Leonardo da Vinci's famous work.

Security guards escorted the wig-wearing worker away as he called surprised spectators to the gallery:

"Think of the earth. There are some people who are destroying the earth. Think of it. The artist tells you: Think of the earth. So I did it."

Mona lisa cake attack

A Louvre statement confirmed the attack on the artwork involving a patisserie.