mahhi vij was threatened with death by his cook

A big news has come out related to well-known TV actress mahhi vij and television actor host Jai Bhanushali.

TV actress and model mahhi vij is going through a difficult phase these days.

Actually, the servant working in his house has threatened to kill mahhi.

The couple had gone to the police regarding this matter and their cook was also jailed,

but now he has been released, due to which the whole family is living in fear.

Recently, mahhi had made some tweets tagging the Mumbai Police, which also became quite viral on social media.

However, he later deleted these tweets. In these tweets, he had told that the temporary cook working in his house had threatened to kill his family members with a dagger.

In the same matter, he spoke in a recent interview in Delete.

Cook used to steal at mahhi's house- The actress told in a recent interview that it had been three days and we came to know that he is stealing.

I was waiting to inform Jai. When Jai came, he settled the bill, but he was asking for full month's payment.

When Jai tried to reason, he said, 'I will bring 200 Biharis and make them stand.

He was drunk and started abusing us. We even went to the police. I am not afraid for myself, but I am afraid for my daughter.