Karan Johar and Sara Ali Khan were not given entry by the restaurant in London

Bollywood's star director and producer Karan Johar has taken a break from work these days.

Karan is enjoying his vacation in London with actress Sara Ali Khan.

This video of Karan and Sara Ali Khan roaming the streets of London is going viral on social media.

In this video, both of them can be seen in a fun-filled style.

While roaming on the street, Karan Johar and Sara Ali Khan try to enter a restaurant,

but the man standing at the gate does not allow them to enter.

Sara Ali Khan has shared this video from her official Instagram handle.

It can be seen in the video that Karan Johar tries to convince a hotel staff in London that his seat is booked in the restaurant, which is in the name of Alia Bhatt.

Karan Johar is heard asking the man, "Is there a table book by Alia Bhatt's name?"

When the server replied 'No booking at the moment', Karan tried his luck again asking, "No booking? 

Not for four people in his name?" Saying this Karan Johar looks at the camera and starts smiling.

At the same time, Sara Ali Khan, pitching to Karan Johar, says that sometimes it happens that despite your booking, 

you have to wait outside the restaurant. Sharing this video, Sara Ali Khan has given a fun caption.

Sara Ali Khan wrote, "When Karan Johar and I were left reservation-less and hungry, there was some KFC." 

This style of Sara Ali Khan and Karan Johar is very much liked by the people.

A user commented on Sara Ali Khan's video, what is the use when going abroad and staying hungry, then roam in your own country.