Ignoring the environment is extremely dangerous

In India, the earth was given the status of mother.  Life is not possible without its enrichment.

Ever since man has come to the earth, due to development and modernity,

he has made some changes in every component of the earth, as a result of which the nature of the earth and its environment is constantly changing.

This change also happens due to man-made reasons and this change also happens due to natural reasons.

In order to make the whole society aware and to preserve the environment of the earth, for the first time on 5 June 1972,

a conference of 119 countries was held in Stockholm, capital of Sweden,

in which all the countries under the leadership of the United Nations, for their role for the protection of the environment.

Accepted discharge. Since then every year the United Nations has been giving some theme to celebrate Environment Day on 5th June.

This year's theme is - Only One Earth (Sustainable harmony with nature is essential).

This year Environment Day is special because it is also the Golden Jubilee Year of Environment Day.

For the last 50 years, we take a pledge to preserve the environment every year on 5th June.

Although man is also a part of nature, but today he is standing in front of nature for his comforts and he wants to get all the things of development and modernity at the cost of environment. 

Today, the biggest threat to nature and the environment is from humans.