Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe replaced?

For everyone, Daniel Radcliffe  Harry Potter. So much so that the actor would like sometimes become anonymous again.

Impossible for him to walk quietly in the street without being recognized. And we associate it with this character.

Since the end of the saga, the actor has starred in several films. He was trying to get rid of this image.

So, for him, for the moment, there is no question of returning to Harry Potter.

Even if he is still very attached to this saga which is part of him.

But the actor wants to build himself. This is what he explained in several interviews but also in the episode Homecoming.

For now, there should be no sequel to the anthology saga. But rumors are circulating.

Indeed, JK Rowling opened Pandora’s box by writing and publishing the cursed child play.

The sequel to Harry Potter we are not going to lie to each other. 

But the writer promised not to touch the original work and to continue to make films.

So, for the moment, there are no plans at Warner to produce this film. But it might just happen one of these days.

We know the machinery of large production companies. And for now, Daniel Radcliffe is not ready.