Gold prices hit record high in Pakistan: One tola gold Price Rs 2 lakh 2500

After Sri Lanka, Pakistan is in a lot of trouble due to the economic crisis.

Currently, gold prices have skyrocketed as the country's rupee is depreciating against the dollar.

One tola (more than 11 and a half grams) of gold in Pakistan has increased to Rs 2 lakh 2500.

On January 27, this information was reported by the gold merchants' association of the country's Sindh province (Saraf Jewelers Association).

Currently, the price of one dollar in the country has increased to 268 rupees 30 paisa. 

the price of gold decreased in the international market, but it increased in the Pakistani market.

Also, the country's inflation is increasing day by day.

Pakistan's foreign exchange reserves are now the lowest in the last 9 years.