Did not want to be in the dirt, Tamim in the video message

BCB has come under criticism after Tamim Iqbal's exclusion from the World Cup squad recently.

At the last minute, Tamim's departure from the team has created speculation among the fans.

But this afternoon, why he was left out of the World Cup team, he said in a 12-minute video message.

Tamim said the whole thing should be known to my fans and cricket lovers of Bangladesh.

I came back from retirement at the request of the Prime Minister. After two months I struggled a lot to get myself fit.

After scoring 44 runs with New Zealand I was confident of something big.

I felt a little pain after the first match. Naturally after playing cricket for so long, recovering from injury, there will be pain and discomfort.

He also said that nowhere do I say five matches-two matches, injury, can't play, etc.

Tamim said a few days ago someone called me from the top level of the board, you do one thing, you don't play the first match, with Afghanistan.

I then said brother it is still about 12-13 days. I'll be in good shape by then. Then he said if you play then you have to bat down.

I could not accept this thing. I felt like I was being forced into many places.

Still, Tamim said if these things happen then don't keep me. I can't live in this filth.

There were many other things that he didn't think should be told to everyone. In the end, he only said, 'Let everyone remember me one more thing. Don't forget.'