Cheering after Messi's goal, FIFA shared the video of Bangladesh

Bangladesh has not got the chance to play World Cup so far.

But the news of fans' frenzy about the World Cup has spread all over the world.

When the World Cup comes, the flags of different teams can be seen flying in every alley in this country.

Especially in Bangladesh, the number of Brazil-Argentina fans is high.

Since Maradona's solo World Cup win in 1986, the number of Argentina fans in the country has increased.

Currently most of the fans in this country support Argentina because of Messi.

Thousands of kilometers away from Argentina's victory over Mexico, there was a wave of joy, a flood of joy in the heart of Bangladesh.

Football fans in this country went crazy after Messi's goal after the break.

The match was being played on a giant screen at a private university.

Messi's goal broke the silence of the last night and the fans who watched the game erupted into loud screams and cheers.

The same video was shared by FIFA, the international organization of football.

The caption reads, 'This is the power of football. The joy of the Bangladeshi Argentinian fans after Messi's goal.