Bigg Boss 4 : 'Mother Recognizes Me After 24 Years'; Ashwin Vijay shares his happiness

Today is one of the most exciting episodes of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4.

With only two days left for the end of the season, Bigg Boss is returning the contestants who have been eliminated so far to the house in several batches.

Shalini Nair, Janaki Sudhir and Manikandan were the first to reach this.

It was a big surprise and a lot of fun for the six finalist contestants there.

These moments have the power to melt away all the stress they've been under in the weeks leading up to finale days.

The batch that reached the house secondly also belonged to three people.

They were Naveen Arakkal, Ashwin Vijay and Nimisha.

All of them told everyone about the differences and joys in their lives after Bigg Boss.

It was started by Ashwin. Ashwin had great joy to share. 

It was that the mentally ill mother recognized her. My mother recognized me after 24 years. I called.

It was a big change in my life. Now she is calling me mom. know me You know my voice.

is talking That video is viral. Thank you Bigg Boss. Prayers to all of you.

Ashwin shared his precious happiness in few words which was my greatest blessing.