The Test series between Bangladesh and West Indies is starting from June 16.

But bad news for Tiger cricket fans! Because this series will not be seen on any domestic channel.

In 2003, the Test series between Bangladesh and Australia was not aired on TV.

Tiger cricket fans regretted not watching that series. After two decades, it seems to be happening again.

Total Sports Marketing 'TSM' has bought the promotional rights from the Windies Board.

private channels in Bangladesh broadcast international matches live on TV from TSM.

But a business conflict in the syndicate is the main cause of complications.

However, the BCB is hoping until the last moment. Maybe this conflict will be resolved.

That is what BCB Media Committee Chairman Tanvir Ahmed Titu believes.

Speaking on the occasion, Titu said, "We are all hopeful that the game will start.

I have already said that the cricket board has nothing to do officially. Since it is a foreign series, it has to be a compromise between the two parties.

But we hope that at the last minute it will be fixed. It's a matter of time before a final decision is made, but it will not be too late.

Although there is no way to watch the game on TV, there is a way to watch the game online,

"said Titu." As far as I know, the ICC will show the game on their OTT platform. Maybe you can register there and see. The ICC always has such an option.