Lionel messi goal: Argentina's 2-0 win over Mexico thanks to Messi's magic

Argentina kept their hopes alive by defeating Mexico in their survival battle in Qatar World Cup.

On November 27, Messi's team faced the ordeal against Mexico at the iconic Lucille Stadium.

Argentina failed to score after the first 45 minutes.

However, after 65 minutes after the break, Lionel Messi hit the ball in the net with a great shot from outside the D box.

As a result of this goal, some discipline returned to the Argentina team.

After that, Argentina got the second goal after 87 minutes.

Andro Fernandez put the ball into the net with a wonderful shot from just inside the D box.

As a result of these two goals, the victory was confirmed for Messi-De Mariara

Mexico could not score any goals in this match.