Akanksha Puri will be the bride of Mika in 'Swayamvar - Mika Di Vohti', a shocking entry!

The much awaited Star Bharat show 'Swayamvar - Mika Di Voti' is being enjoyed by the audience and eagerly waiting for Mika's vote to be selected.

There is also a wild card entry to challenge Mika's princesses in the show.

The special news is that Akansha Puri has entered the show, not only that,

she is also challenging other contestants by calling herself the only queen,

let's go! The news of Akanksha Puri participating as a wild card contestant in the show 'Swayamvar - Mika Di Voti' is already doing the rounds on social media.

She says, “I am very happy and excited to be a part of Mika Singh’s Swayamvar.

The place has really great vibes. We have known each other for years and now I am here to spread light and happiness in Mika’s life.

I wind up already feeling a lot of negativity seeing people here, girls are scared and fighting amongst themselves.

Whatever happens, I will keep spreading love and happiness here."

Talking more about the contestants she says, "I can say that the girls are extremely talented and energetic.

Mika Singh has also been appreciated by the girls. I wish the girls all the best for the show."

Mika Singh Show 'Swayamvar - Mika Di Voti; I am searching for my life partner.

The show has many contestants from across the country who are competing among themselves to become Mika's ladylove.

However, now actress Akanksha Puri has also entered the show not as a guest but as a contestant,

which will make the girls more vulnerable and vulnerable as Akanksha is Mika's friend for 13 years.