After 32 years, Pathaan is ruling the theater of Kashmir

Shah Rukh Khan starrer Pathaan was released on January 25 after much discussion and criticism.

This film has been released in about 100 countries of the world including India.

Initially, the film was criticized for its song (besharam rang) for hurting religious sentiments.

As a result, a circle called for a boycott of Pathaan on social media to make the film a flop.

However, after the release of the film, the boycott did not affect it and on the contrary, it went on to achieve huge records at the box office.

The interest of the audience to watch this film is increasing day by day in many countries of the world including India.

According to several Indian media, Pathan Cinema has brought a house full movie in the Kashmir Valley after 32 years.

It is also known that every show is house full from the day of release. Visitors are also buying tickets in advance.

This dominance of cinema in Kashmir has not been seen in India in the last 32 years.