Actress Aishwarya: Famous actress is selling soap without getting a chance in movies!

Actress Aishwarya, who was impoverished due to lack of opportunity to act in movies, played leading heroine roles in the 90s.

She did not get a chance to act in movies during this period. He cooked and spread the light on the YouTube channel.

As time went on, he sold soap on the street and looked after the family as he did not have any income.

He used to sell soap for a working meal and run the family.

Veteran actress Lakshmi's daughter and actress Aishwarya appeared on the screen as her mother.

She made her film debut in 1989 in Telugu. All the films he acted in failed.

Rajinikanth starred opposite Ezhaman in the film.

He has acted in Malayalam, Telugu and many other languages.

He has also acted in films like Aishwarya, Kumaran, Sanaab Mahalashmi, Abhiyum Naanum, TV series and Sound as a breeze on YouTube channel.

Arrived. In an interview on YouTube channel, he said that he is currently selling soap as there is no cinema opportunity.

He said that this job gives me peace of mind.