(Tap)-Trust Axiata Pay Apk Download & Account Create In 2022

(Tap)-Trust Axiata Pay Apk Download & Account Create In 2022
(Tap)-Trust Axiata Pay Apk Download & Account Create In 2022

Friends, in today’s post, I will introduce you to the New Mobile Banking Trust Axiata Pay (Tap) Of Bangladesh. Besides, detailed information about account opening, offers, transaction charges, advantages, disadvantages, etc. will be discussed through Mokail using the app.

So whether you should use this Banking Platform or not. Moreover, at present Bangladesh has bKash, Rocket, Sure Cash, and many more mobile banking. From these platforms, you will get an idea of how much you will benefit from Tap.


(Tap)-Trust Axiata Pay Banking Features

Trust Axiata Pay (Tap) Mobile Banking was inaugurated for the first time on Wednesday, July 26, 2021. Through this Banking, loans, savings, bill payment, insurance installments, educational institution fees, remittance acceptance, online merchant payment, etc.

Moreover, like other mobile banking, recharge, Cash Out and Send Money to any mobile phone operator can be done here.

There is an Android and iOS app called Trust Axiata Pay (Tap) to manage this Banking Online through mobile like bKash and other mobile banking. Through which you can easily transact and do all other activities.


Trust Axiata Pay Apk (Tap) Download

To use the Tap app, you need to install its new version from the Google Play Store. Do not download older versions of the app from any platform other than the Play Store or App Store.

Because by doing this you will not get the updated settings like the new version and there may be many problems to run the app.

Trust Axiata Pay (Tap) Install step by step

  • First, go to Google Play Store and search by typing Trust Axiata Pay or Tap and the app will come up.
  • Then install the app by clicking on the Install option.

For those who use iPhones, there is also Tap Apk in the iOS version in App Store. So if you want to install it directly from here in the iOS and Android versions below is the link for them.

Android Version

 IOS Version


Trust Axiata Pay (Tap) Apk New Account Registration Step By Step

Step-1: First, you need to install this app from Play Store or App Store.

Step-2: When the app is open, click on the Allow option and then click on Get Started

Step-3: Now enter your mobile number in the enter mobile details option and go to the next page.

Step-4: Then an OTP number will come to your mobile, you have to enter it and go to the next page.

Step-5: Now click on the Agree option on the terms of use page and go to the next page.

Step-6: In the set up your account option, click Confirm with your name, gender, and occupation.

Step-7: In the Set 4 Digit Pin option, click on proceed with 4 passwords of your choice.

Step-8: Now come to the Great, You’re Almost There page and click on the Take Photos of Your Nid card option like the bKash account, take a picture of the front of your NID card, and click the checkmark. Then on the next page again you have to take a picture on the back and click the checkmark.

Now all the information on the NID card will come in front of you. Then, below all the nominee options, give the name of the owner of your unchanged account.

How are you related to your nominee? Enter your relationship with the nominee in the option and click on Confirm. Now the front camera of the mobile will be turned on, take a picture of the person in whose name the account is being created, and click OK.

After clicking, your account will be verified automatically and new account registration will be done.

To log in to the New Trust Axiata pay, you need to use the mobile number and 4-digit password used in the field to open your account. If at any time you forget the password, you can set a new password by clicking forget pin.

How to get 50 Taka Bonus in Trust Axiata Pay (Tap) Apk

After registering the Tap Apk account for the first time, you will get a 25 tk bonus on mobile. To get the remaining 25 tk you need to recharge 25 tk on any mobile number. 25 cashback will come again with recharge.

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