Shahjalal Dargah Drowned In Floods: Sylhet Floods Break Record Of 122 Years

Shahjalal Dargah Drowned In Floods: Sylhet Floods Break Record Of 122 Years
Shahjalal Dargah Drowned In Floods: Sylhet Floods Break Record Of 122 Years

State Minister for Disaster Management and Relief Enamur Rahman said 64 upazilas in 10 districts in the northern and southern parts of the country were affected by the floods. He said that the situation in Sylhet and Sunamgaj is in dire straits.

Sylhet and Sunamganj are said to have never had such a flood in their 122-year history. In 1988, there was a catastrophic flood and there was never any flood water at VIP Road adjacent to Shahjalal Dargah and Bangladesh Betar in Sylhet.

This time in those areas and heavy rains have flooded the hill slopes. Kadim, a resident of Dargah / mazar, said that the devotees were in danger as the water in Dargah was flowing. As a result of rising water, the pond of Dargah is about to sink.

There are many big Gojar fish in the pond, the Dargah authorities are spending their days thinking of floating them in the water. A fan who came to Shahjalal’s Dargah on the occasion of Urs said, I am a fan of Shahjalal and I come to Dargah in Urs every year. I didn’t get coronavirus for two years, so I came here. But the flood situation seems to be in dire straits.

This time 60 percent of Sylhet has been flooded. And Sunamganj has suffered the most damage. About 90 per cent of Sunamganj area is under water. In the last two days, the water level in this area has increased by 4 feet by 8 feet.

The biggest thing is that this water will not drain easily, it will take at least a week for the flood situation to improve. Due to the inflow of water in the Bangladesh Betar Sylhet Regional Center, the broadcasting activities were stopped from 3.43 pm.

Water also enters the Sylhet Osmani Medical Hospital area. And due to lack of electricity, the patients are in distress. This time, the flood situation has broken all previous records and made a new history, said the victims.

In all these areas the water has risen almost above the waist and the water is rising every now and then. As a result, public life and the lives of animals are in danger.

Sylhet’s state minister for disaster management and relief also said the floods had broken a 122-year record. He said the flood situation could be more dire.

The search revealed that the local administration along with the Bangladesh Army, Navy, Air Force, divers and helicopters have come to the rescue of the flood-affected people from the flood-hit areas in Sylhet and Sunamganj districts.

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