Samsung Mobile Price In Bangladesh Under 10000 to 260000: 2023

Samsung Mobile Price In Bangladesh Under 10000 to 260000:Samsung is one of the most popular mobile phone brands in Bangladesh. Currently, this brand of mobile is seen in the hands of most of the people in this country.

Samsung is the first choice of most people in this country when it comes to purchasing mobile phones. So in today’s post, we will take a look at Samsung mobile prices in Bangladesh between 10000 to 260000tk.

You can buy these mobiles from the online shopping platform Daraz. The prices given below are as on February 24, 2023:


Samsung Mobile Price In Bangladesh Under 10000 to 260000

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 12GB 256GB 251,936tk
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 12GB 512GB 197,999tk
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 8GB 128GB 150,194tk
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 4GB 64GB 89,900tk
Samsung Galaxy A73 8GB 256GB 74,406tk
Galaxy S20 FE 6 8GB 128GB 60,180tk
Samsung Galaxy M53 8GB 128GB 53,478tk
Samsung galaxy a52s 8GB 128GB 52,499tk
Samsung Galaxy A72 8GB 256GB 51,845tk
Samsung Galaxy A33 8GB 128GB 46,773tk
Samsung Galaxy A52 8GB 128GB 39,999tk
Samsung Galaxy M33 8GB 128GB 35,633tk
Samsung Galaxy A32 8GB 128GB 27,999tk
Samsung Galaxy A32 6GB 128GB 26,999
Samsung Galaxy M40 6GB 128GB 24,490tk
Samsung Galaxy M32 6GB 128GB 23,999tk
Samsung Galaxy A22 6GB 128GB 22,499tk
Samsung Galaxy F13 4GB 64GB 22,466tk
Samsung Galaxy F22 6GB 128GB 22,149tk
Samsung Galaxy A04s 4GB 128GB 18,308tk
Samsung A04S 4GB 64GB 17,281tk
Samsung Galaxy A03s 4GB 64GB 16,990tk
Samsung Galaxy A03 4GB 64GB 16,467tk
Samsung Galaxy A12 4GB 128GB 15999tk
Samsung Galaxy A12 4GB 64GB 14,999tk
Samsung Galaxy A03 core 2GB 32GB 11899tk
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2GB 32GB 10,599tk

The price list given on this site is as per Daraz’s website information. Therefore, the price can fluctuate at any time. Will be updated here in the future if the price increases or decreases.

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