Easy Profit 10 Rupees Roll Ice Cream Small Business Idea In 2023

This Article is About Easy Profit 10 Rupees Roll Ice Cream Small Business Idea In 2023. Those who are sitting at home unemployed and not thinking about what to do, how can they make more profit by Selling 60 rupees with 10 rupees on less budget? I will try to give a Small Business Idea about him.

I hope you like this post. This is a very simple business but because of its uniqueness, you can start this business. Moreover, you can easily earn more than 2 to 3 thousand rupees a day. And the name of this business is Roll Ice Cream Business.

Many of you do not know about roll ice cream yet. And this kind of roll ice cream is not uncommon in our Asian continent. However, this type of ice cream is very popular in different developed countries of the world and there is a lot of demand from buyers.

This ice cream is made by hand without any chemicals and because it is very tasty and attractive, people of all ages from Young To Old Love To Eat This Roll Of Ice Cream. So it can be said that if you start this type of Business, you will get a good number of customers to sell this product.


How To Make Roll Ice Cream Easily Without Any Chemical

To make roll ice cream you need to first connect the machine to 220 volts of current to start the machine. After that you have to make ice cream in the part you see on the top of the machine. This part is cooled from the inside with the help of a compressor to Make a Roll of Ice Cream.

If you want to make this roll of ice cream, you can make an ice cream recipe using milk, sugar, juice, sweets, fruit, etc. Also, if you want to make a better ice cream recipe, you can make one according to your needs.

Now mix all the ingredients that you have made in the recipe in a good way. After mixing, the quantity of milk should be given to the upper part of the Machine.

After that, if you want to mix strawberries or any kind of fruit in it, you have to cut them into small pieces with the help of a knife, mix them with this recipe and spread them around, and put them on the leaves of the machine for two to three minutes.

How to make roll ice cream easily without any chemical

After a while, when the layer of this Roll Ice Cream recipe freezes, you have to shape the Roll of Ice Cream with a chapati knife. After making an Ice Cream Roll, you can decorate it with chocolate or different products as per your wish and make it attractive for sale.

So this was our Small Business Idea for today’s Roll Ice Cream. I hope you like this post and finally say that the price of the machine will be like 35000-40000 thousand rupees. Keep an eye on our site every day to get this kind of new cool business idea.

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