How To PayPal Account Create In India 2022: Step by Step

Friends Today’s article is about How To PayPal Account Create In India Step by Step Process. Moreover, those who do not have a MasterCard to pay abroad for online business, blogging, domain, hosting, or other work.

There will be a detailed discussion on how they can easily make payments from their home country without any card.

Although the article is a little long, read it with difficulty. Because this article will help you a lot. PayPal account will be useful for all online-related activities starting from buying products from Amazon.


What you can find out in this article

  • Complete step-by-step information on creating a new PayPal account
  • Buy a domain and hosting from the US or UK without a card
  • Recharge PayPal account through mobile banking
  • Easy way to buy dollars from any country


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New PayPal Account Create In India Free Step By Step

For those who are creating a new PayPal account for the first time, pay close attention to all the images. This is because the step-by-step method of opening an account is shown in the image with the number.

To open a new PayPal account, you must first access PayPal’s official website. Then you have to click on Sign Up for Free.


new paypal account create in 2022


1. Sign Up For Paypal, It’s Free: Now there is an option to open an account in two ways Personal and business. Those who do outsourcing or other important work will open a business account.

Because there are many sites or media that do not support the personal account. So to get all the benefits, select the business account and click on Continue.

2. Sign Up For a Business Account: Use your active Gmail ID. Because with this account you will do important work, so open a PayPal account with a required usable Gmail ID. After entering the Gmail ID, click on the Continue option.

3. Paypal Password Setup: Use strong passwords of 10-15 characters after coming to the third option. It is very important to use numbers, alphabet, and special keywords in the password. If you have trouble remembering the password, save the notepad. After giving the password, click on the Continue option.


How to create a paypal business account free 2022


4. Tell us about Your Business: Enter your first and last name in Business contact. Then you can use your name in Business details or if you have a separate business, you can also use it.

In Business phone number, first, select your country and then enter the personal number you used. Now enter the name of your country, division, district, police station in the business address.

Enter the code of the area where you live in a place of the postcode. Enter the name of your city or village below, and then give two checkmarks. Go to the next page by clicking on the Agree and create account button at the end.

5. Describe Your business: Then select an individual in this option. Then place the product or service Keyword with the topic of your choice. In the website option, you can name any website or YouTube channel you have.

If you don’t have a website, you shouldn’t give anything. Use your name instead of the cc statement name and go to the next page by clicking the Continue button below.

How do I open up a PayPal account 2022


6. Tell us more about you: First, enter your date of birth in the Date of birth option. Then select the name of your country in place of nationality. In the place of the home address below, checkmarks in the same as the business address above.

Then click on the submit option with the same as business phone checkmarks below everyone. So all the process of opening a PayPal account is complete.


Buy A Domain And Hosting From Any Country With A PayPal Account

For those who live in different Asian countries, including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, or Nepal, buying domains, hosting, and other products from the US or UK becomes a problem. Because to buy all these things you need an international dollar supported card. Which is not possible for an ordinary person.

However, this problem can only be solved through PayPal. Because PayPal is used for all international purposes. As a result, you can pay for any work by recharging your PayPal account through mobile banking from your country.


Paypal Account Recharge From Any Country

Each country has different websites for recharging PayPal accounts. You can recharge dollars from all these websites. First, you need to find a reliable website. You will find many videos on YouTube about all these websites.

Then you have to contact them and pay through mobile banking. Those who are in India are Paytm, and Bangladeshis can recharge PayPal with money through bKash or other mobile banking.

Find out if Nepal, Sri Lanka, or other countries have such websites in your country on YouTube. Everyone must remember one thing but find a reliable website. Because if you pay money on any wrong website, you will not get it back.

In order to recharge, you must give them the Gmail account with which you have opened the PayPal account. Because this is your PayPal account number. There are many more ways to recharge a PayPal account that can be found on Google or YouTube.



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