Nokia Snake Game Download & Play Android Phone Or Online

Nokia Snake Game Download: At a time when people did not have any means to play Android mobile or advanced games, Nokia Snake Game created quite a stir around the world. At the time, Nokia was at the top of the list of the most played games on the button mobile.

But as time went on, new high-quality smartphones and games like pubg or a free fire started coming into the market. Since then the game has almost stopped playing. Among those born in 2005, there are very few people who did not play the game at that time.

At present, there are people or many who want to play this game. So in today’s post, I will discuss in detail how to play Nokia Snake Game on your Android mobile with the same feeling.


Nokia Snake Game review

The Snake game was invented in 1974 by a Russian developer. The game has been played for many years since then and was the most played on Button Mobile back then. The game became so popular that it was named in several languages.

This game has attracted a lot of attention on most Nokia 1110i button mobiles. From 1997 to about 2006 the game was quite popular all over the world. This game is now available on the Android version and can be played online on PC as well.


How To Nokia Snake Game Download & Install In Android Mobile

To install the Nokia Snake game on the Android version, you must first go to the Google Play Store. If you search by typing Snake Xenzia Rewind 97 Retro, the apps of this game will come in front of you. Then install this game.

At present, you will find this 2.0.6 updated Android version which was released on November 27, 2021. In addition to this game in the Google Play Store, there are many more Snake Android games. You can install any one of them if you want.

Below is a list of some Android versions of the Nokia Snake game app:

  • Snake Xenzia Rewind 97 Retro
  • Snake ’97: retro phone classic
  • Classic Snake – Nokia 97 Old
  • Snake Game Classic Retro Nokia


Nokia Snake Game Download And Play Android Phone Or Online
Nokia Snake Game Download And Play Android Phone Or Online

How To Play Nokia Snake Xenzia Rewind 97 Retro Game

After installing and opening the Snake Xenzia Rewind 97 Retro app, you will see Nokia 1110i button mobile. In this app, you will get the feeling of playing the Snake game on Button Mobile.

The reason is that the app has been made to function like the Nokia 1110i button. Those who have played this game on Button Mobile before will be able to play the game easily in the same way.

After opening the game first you will see several options like Continue, New Game, Level, and Game Type. Click the Continue button to start the game.

Moreover, if you click on the New Game option, the game will start anew. You can increase and decrease the speed of the game by going to the Level option. Click on Game Type to get Classic and box options. If you select the box then the game will be limited to the box and if you select the classic then you can play the game normally.


How To Nokia Snake Game Play In Online And Pc

For those who want to play this game online for free without any kind of Android app, if they want, there are many websites online where you can go and play this game. This game can be played online with a computer using any browser or any browser on Android mobile. But of course, he will need an internet connection.

Below is a list of some online websites for playing Nokia Snake games:

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