Newsplus Blogger Template Download And Customize Setup 2022

Newsplus Blogger Template: As the days go by, people’s interest in blogging is increasing. So those who are already starting blogging or thinking of starting in the future. I have come up with the information of free and Responsive Seo Friendly Premium Blogger Template for them.

Those who write articles on the mixing niche have to create many categories. For which you need to show the posts in a row in different places best blogger templates

In today’s post, I will discuss in detail about Newsplus Blogger Template. We hope that those who work in News-Related Posts or other categories will find this post useful.


Advantages of Free Newsplus Blogger Template

News plus This template is very attractive and Seo friendly. You can put the social button on the top right side of the template, and there is an option to put all the pages on the right side.

You can also show posts in three rows in the footer area. Those who want to put an author profile in the footer area of the templates can do so.

Those who will use it for free will be able to remove the footer credit option in the last area. And if you use the premium version, you do not have to Remove Any Footer Credit. Your template will automatically take the name of your site.

Let’s see what it will be like now? So first of all when you have the logo of your site and next to it you will have the facility to put a Big ad of size 728 × 90. In the menu option, you can use all the category URLs as well as the mega menu.

In the body area, you can show 4 posts through the hot, random, label, recent posts. And you can add as many categories as you want along with the latest posts.


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News plus Blogger Template Some features

  • Professional Look Footer Area With 3 Post Section
  • There are Social Buttons at the top and Sidebar.
  • Good Looking Showing Post Thumbnail
  • Header and Footer option to add pages
  • Separate post section can be done
  • Header Big size Ads Option
  • Seo friendly and Responsive
  • Mobile-Friendly Template
  • Loading Speed Fast
  • Related posts widget
  • Speed Test Above 95%
  • AdSense Friendly
  • Shows 3 Related Posts

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News plus Blogger Template Full Customization

First of all, download the template from above. The template must be purchased if using the premium version. So those who can’t afford to buy can download and use the free version.

You will get some benefits and less speed in the Free version and there will be no problem with Adsense Approval. Check out the free News Customization of News plus Template below.

Newsplus Blogger Template Download And Customize Setup In 2021
Newsplus Blogger Template Download And Customize Setup 2022

First, you can upload the downloaded template by clicking on the Restore option. ‍ Secondly, open and copy the codes of the Newsplus template with any Notepad.

Then click on the Edit HTML option, paste the codes and save. Those who need the old codes can download them by clicking on the Backup option. Because if you have a problem with the customization of this template, you can Re-upload the old codes.


News plus Template Free Customization Step by Step


Top Navigation

Here you can add all the pages of Blogger. First, write the name of the page and then save it with the URL. In this way, you will continue to add one page after another. For example: about us, Privacy policy, Disclaimer, etc. page here.


Social Top

Here you can add links to all the types of social media you have. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. can keep the account.


Header Logo

Add your site logo, site name, description here. First, write the name of your site and write the description below. Then upload 183 × 60 sizes Png Logo from computer or mobile and save.


Header Ads

Those who use Adsense Approval or other site ads can add 728×90 size ads here.


Mobile Logo

Mobile Logo is the logo that will show when you open your site in mobile version. So in this option, you have to upload the logo from mobile or computer.


Main Menu

Add menus by listing menus according to your category in the main menu option. Create in the menu and save with the category URL.


How To Setup Newsplus free blogger templates


Code: Label Name, recent, random/hot-posts

Example: (Free Blogger Template/hot-posts)


Hot Posts

Note the codes above to turn on the Hot Posts option. First, you have to copy the codes correctly. The spelling of the codes should be the same as it is, any change in the code will not work.

If you want to show a label or category post, you have to put its name correctly. There will always be hot / posts code but the front letter will be Label Name, recent or random. Hot posts will show a total of 4 posts.


Featured Post 01

This option is the most attractive place in this Newsplus Template. Because in the location of Featured Post 01, you can make an attractive design of your site by using these codes below. And of course, the spelling of the codes must be correct.

Code Here



number of Post Showing/Label Name, recent or random/Showing Design Code

4/free Template 2021/grid-big


News plus Blogger Template All Sidebar

You can add code, email subscribes, ads, etc. to Sidebar Right (A) option.
You can add popular posts, recent posts, and many more to the Sidebar Right (B) option.
In the main post option, you can make sure that your site has some important settings.
You can use the codes of Featured Post 01 in the Featured Post 02 option.


Newsplus most downloaded blogger templates


All Section Information

There are three sections in the footer area where you can use the following codes.

4 / recent, random or label name / post-list
Example: 4 / Newsplus Blogger Template / post-list


News plus Blogger Template Menu Footer

Finally, all the pages of the site can be added to the Menu Footer option. First, save with the page name and URL.

Newsplus Blogger Template Download And Customize Setup In 2021
Newsplus Blogger Template Download And Customize Setup 2022


In the complete post, I have tried to highlight all the information about the free website templates. Hope you like this post and I will be back soon with more free template posts.

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