Howzat Mushi The Dependable Game Download Free In 2021

For the first time in Bangladesh, the cricket Android game Mushi The Dependable has been made with Mushfiqur Rahim. The app has been launched on October 1 in the Android version. State Minister for ICT Junaid Ahmed Palak and Bangladesh cricket star Mushfiqur Rahim were present at the inauguration.

The game was created by KPC Enterprise and Turtle Solutions. Those who want to play this game will get the game in Playstore in a few days. In addition, the game was supposed to be officially available on the Android version on the Google Play Store on October 15th.

But sadly, today, August 18, the game has not yet come to the Google Play Store. The game has been submitted to the Google Play Store, according to game officials on their official Facebook page. However, due to Google Review, the game is taking time to come to the Google Play Store. But hopefully, the game is going to come very soon.

However, the iPhone version has not been released yet. The game is expected to be available on the iOS platform in December. So if you want to play Mushfiqur Rahim’s new game on iPhone, you must wait for some time.

All the information related to the game is being updated on the Facebook page called HOWZAAT-Mushi The Dependable. For those who are interested in the game, keep an eye on their official Facebook page.


Which is in Mushi The Dependable Game Apk

Since the game is being made with Mushfiqur Rahim, the presence of his reality can be found everywhere. The graphics and other aspects of the game are very meticulously worked out. Those who will play this game will be able to do action batting on their own in the virtual field like Mushfiqur Rahim.

Moreover, batting strokes and bowling action, and all kinds of cricket techniques can be found in this game. Those who will play this game will be able to bat as Mushfiqur for Bangladesh against any country.

The makers have tried their best to give the feeling of the way Mushfiqur plays on the field through high-definition graphics. Those who do live streaming will be able to do live streaming directly from Facebook and YouTube.

In Mushi The Dependable game, you can team up with people from different parts of the world to play tournaments. The game has an extraordinary mode called Legendary. With this mode, you can play all the matches in Mushfiqur’s career which he won alone.

There are many more benefits to this game that cannot be exhausted in this article. So the game has already been released, the reaction of the viewers will be known in a few more days.

Because after using this Mushi The Dependable Apk for a few days, the viewers will understand how good or bad the game is. However, it can be said that this game is going to be very interesting for the fans of Mushfiqur Rahim.


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Mushi The Dependable ‍Apk What might be the audience’s interest in the game

Viewers will be more interested in this game. Because Mushfiqur is a legendary cricketer who has made a special contribution to promote Bangladesh cricket in the world. Moreover, Bangladesh cricket fans like Mushfiqur as one of the top five.

Moreover, Bangladesh cricket fans like Mushfiqur as one of the top five. So it can be said that at least in Bangladesh this game is going to be a super hit.

The reason is that the beta version of the game was uploaded to the Google Appstore to find out the interest of the viewers. As a result, more than 1.6 lakh subscriptions were made in 24 hours. And Mushi The Dependable game has been played about 5 million times in a week. This shows how much the audience is interested in playing this game.

If you want to download and play the latest version of Mushi The Dependable. The game is available for free on the Google Play store and all other platforms. The game can only be run by Android and iPhone users.

Since only the game is designed to be played on mobile only. So those who want to Play Mushfiqur’s cricket game on the computer can play the game using an Android emulator. Read the post below to know how to run an Android app with Android Emulator.


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Mushi The Dependable release Latest Update News 16 October

Mushi The Dependable game was announced on October 16 on Howzat’s official Facebook page. But sadly, this game has not yet come to the Google Play store. Details of the game will be posted on suspense24 as soon as it comes to the Google Play store.

Howzat Mushi The Dependable Game Download Free In 2021
Howzat Mushi The Dependable Game Download Free In 2021


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