Easy Make Mini UPS for Wifi Router and ONU Device In 2022

When the rainy season comes, the weather in rural areas gets worse. And results in power outages most of the time due to storms.

And for those who use WiFi routers, this time becomes boring. Because when the power goes out, the WiFi router shuts down, so it is no longer possible to run the internet.

In today’s post, I will give you complete information on How To Make Mini UPS for Wifi Router and ONU Device In 2022 At a Low Price. And even if the power goes off with this UPS, you can use the WiFi router for more than 1 hour.


What It Takes To Make Mini UPS for Wifi Router and Onu Device

  • DC 5V or 9V Charging Step Up Booster Module for 18650 Lithium
  • 18650 Mah lithium battery of 5v or 12v
  • 18650 battery holders
  • 5v dc mobile charger

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Gadgets Review To Create Mini UPS For Wifi Router and Onu Device

A small size circuit board is needed to make a mini UPS for a WiFi router. Although this circuit looks small, it has several functions with voltage. It has a built-in voltage booster battery or 5v board input to output the 5v, 9v, or 12-volt device to run.

Depending on the model, this module can run three types of devices running different routers, 5v, 9v, or 12v volts. The circuit has a built-in battery charging system and it needs to use a lithium battery for power backup.

A battery case is provided to fit the battery and according to the size of the case, it has to use a 18650 model lithium battery.

These are very common batteries available in the market at low prices. With just a 3.7v 18650 mah lithium battery, the power went out. The router can be used for more than an hour. It is very easy to attach as both the circuit and the battery are set.

The mini ups module is powered by Dc 5v and has a micro USB port. A normal mobile charger can be used for input voltage and the charger must have a minimum output of 10 watts.

Moreover, if the wattage of the charger is a little higher, there is no harm but it is better.

Once the charger is connected to the micro USB port, the router will start running and the battery will be charged at the same time. If you use a 5 volt UPS module like this, the adapter T with the router will not work anymore.

Moreover, in addition to micro USB, the power of the circuit can be given from this connection. Here also 5-volt input has to be given and this circuit can be run only if 5-volt dc input from any source.

5V/9V/12V 18650 rechargeable batteries Lithium Circuit

The first 5-volt output is in the middle of the module and from here you have to use a DC connector to take the output using a molecule or a router.

And the output of 12v and 9v should be taken by connecting the DC connector to the lowest part of the circuit.

Some routers run at 9 volts while some routers run at 12 volts. Since there is output between 9v and 12v volts, two types of devices can be operated with this circuit.

Moreover, having three LED lights in this circuit, it is possible to understand the device on and charging by looking at the LED.

18650 battery circuit case for makeing mini ups

To make a module, first, the battery case and the circuit have to be soldered in the correct position. Then when you connect the battery, when the LED light comes on, you will know that your circuit is on.

This assembling setup is very easy just do all these things and all the work will be done.

18650 Lithium Battery circuit for mini ups making 2021

The mobile charger must be attached at all times to run the router continuously like a computer UPS with the circuit. The router and the nucleus will continue to run together while the mobile charger is connected, and the battery will be charged as well.

Moreover, when the power goes off, the router will not turn off and will continue to break up from the battery. And if the red light is on in this circuit, you will understand that the battery has started to charge.

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