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Karagar Part 2 Web Series Download, Wiki, Release Date, Cast

Karagar Part 2 Web Series is finally released about 4 months after the release of the first part. For those who want to know detailed information about this series and where to watch the series directly online, how to download and watch, read the entire post.

Karagar Part 2 Web Series Download, Wiki, Release Date, Cast

The second part of Karagar web series starring Chanchal Chowdhury and Tasnia Farin was released on 22 December 2022 (Thursday).

The series was supposed to release on 15 December, but its release date was pushed back due to the Qatar World Cup frenzy.

After the release of Bangladeshi actor Chanchal Chowdhury’s web series Karagar Part 1, it became very popular in many countries including Bangladesh and India. The first part of the series was released on 19 August 2022.

And since the release of the first episode of the series, there was great interest among the audience when the second episode of the series will come.

So finally part 2 of this series has been released online on the online OTT platform hoichoi. Download, Release Date, Cast, When will it be released in Hindi, etc. information of the two part of the series are described below:


Karagar Part 1

Karagar is a Bangladeshi thriller web series. The creator and director of this series are Syed Ahmed Shawki. Screenplay and story writer Niamat Ullah Masum.

This web series was streamed on the Indian Bengali OTT platform hoichoi on 18 August. The total number of episodes of Karagar Part 1 was 7 a running time of 30 minutes.

Along with Chanchal Chowdhury, Tasnia Farin, Afzal Hossain, Intekhab Dinar, Bijri Barkatullah, FS Naeem, Shatabdi Wadud, Jayant Chattopadhyay, AK Azad Setu, and many others acted in the Karagar Part 1 series.


How To Karagar Part 2 Web Series Watch Online

For those who want to watch parts 2 and 1 of this web series directly online, you can watch and download it officially by visiting the Hoichoi online platform.

But of course, you need to purchase Hoichoi subscription to watch this series from here. This series cannot be watched from this platform for free.


Karagar Part 2

In the second part of this series, Chanchal Chowdhury and Tasnia Farini, along with all the previous actors, acted. Moreover, the number of episodes of Part 2 is 7 like the first episode.


Karagar Part 2 Download Full HD

Karagar Part 2 Download

This series is officially available only on Hoichoi. But since the series cannot be seen for free from this platform. So you can download it from Dailymotion, Telegram, and various downloading websites.

To view Telegram, first, you need to install its app and sign in. Then if you search by writing the name of the series, many channels will come in front of you, and you will get this web series in any one of them. Those who have no idea about Telegram can get an idea about it on YouTube.

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When Will Karaga Part 2 Release in Hindi Dubbed Language?

The second series of Karagar web series is likely to be available in Hindi dubbed in the future. This is because many hoichoi are currently available in Hindi dubbed and new series is being dubbed in Hindi.

As a result of the popularity of Karagar, this series can be dubbed in Hindi as well. But first, the first part of this series will be dubbed and the second part may be dubbed after that.

However, there is no official information about this. This information is only estimated based on hoichoi’s past Hindi dubbed series.

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