IBBL IBanking | Islami Internet Bank Service A-Z In 2022

Those of you who use Islami Bank, or are interested in opening a new account. They can do all the activities from anywhere in the world, using IBBL IBanking if they want. If you are inside or outside the country, you can control all the transactions through your mobile phone.

Moreover, you can manage many more things besides seeing the balance, transferring the balance, seeing the statement. So read the complete post to know all the information step by step about how to launch Islami Bank Internet Banking Service.


What you need to know to open an account at IBBL IBanking Bank

  • You must have a Gmail ID always on.
  • You need to know your NID card number.
  • The number with which the account has been opened in the bank.
  • You need to know the 14 digit account number of Islami Bank.
  • You need to know the customer ID of 13 Digits.


IBBL iBanking Sign up and Sing in

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Step 1: IBBL IBanking Sign up and Sing in

Login first with the Gmail account you want to open. Next, go to Google and search by typing IBBL iBanking, and click on the page that comes first. Those who are new entries and click on Sign up. And those who have already opened an account, do not have to sign up again. Those who have created an old account can sign in with a User Id and Password.


Islamic bank New User Registration

Step 2: IBBL IBanking User Registration

Now, these two options of account or credit card will come in front of you. You can open IBBL iBanking with anyone. The first time you open an account with a Gmail ID, first login with this ID. Now you can read some information given on this page. Go down to the next page by clicking on the Continue option.

  • Enter the name you used to open an account at Islami Bank.
  • Enter the email id with which you will access
  • Below are some characters that need to be placed properly inside the box.
  • Come to the bottom and click the Submit button.
  • After you submit, you will be sent an email from Gmail.
  • Click on the link that will be sent via email.


Islamic iBanking Basic Information

Step 3: Islami Bank IBanking Basic Information

  • Automatically show name and email address text.
  • Now enter the permanent, temporary address mentioned in your bank.
  • Give the date of birth and NID card number mentioned in the bank.
  • No need to give if you don’t have passport information.
  • Go to the next page by clicking submit at the bottom.


Islamic iBanking Account Details


Step 4: Islami Bank IBanking Account Details

  • Enter your bank’s 17-digit account number.
  • In the second option, enter the 13 digit customer ID of the account.
  • Those who do not know the customer ID can find out from the bank.
  • Or call 16259 / + 88028331090 from the account opening number.
  • After making the call, you will be able to know all the information in the main.
  • Also know the account number, date of birth, Bransoy’s name, etc. before calling.
  • Go to the next page by clicking submit with two tick marks below.


New Account create Islamic bank 2021 credentials


Step 5: Islami Bank IBanking Credentials

  • Select your country code in the call number, and enter the mobile number.
  • Password Policy Give a strong 12-digit password.
  • An important thing is to change the password every 90 days.
  • Go down to the next page by clicking the submit button.
  • After submission, the verification code will come to your phone.
  • Enter this code correctly.
  • Fill in some text below and click on submit button.
  • Click here to download the form by clicking on the download option.
  • You have to print the form, sign it and submit it to the bank.
  • Go to your bank branch and submit the form.
  • Account opened within 1 or 2 days of submission.


IBBL iBanking Password Recovery

Those who use Islami Bank’s Internet Banking Service have to change their password every 90 days. So there are many who do not change the password, so after 90 days can no longer log in with this password.

So you must reset the password to log in. This method will also work for those who have forgotten the password. Below is the process of resetting the password.

First, you need to come to the login option of the IBBL iBanking account. Then click on the Forgot Password option below. Now you have to enter the User ID and Account No.

In the User ID option, enter the Gmail with which you created the account. Then enter the 17-digit number of your bank account in the Account No option. Bank account 17 -digit number you will find in the checkbook.

After entering everything correctly, fill in the capture code and click the submit button below. Now you will get a code in Gmail, put it in the password reset code option. Then you set a new solid password and click the submit button.


IBBL IBanking | Islami Internet Bank Service A-Z Account Create In 2022
IBBL IBanking | Islami Internet Bank Service A-Z Account Create In 2022



In the entire post, I have tried my best to make it easy to understand. Those who have been able to create an account after reading this post let me know in the comments. Those who could not open an account can look at the image. If you want to have an Islamic bank account setting at home. And if you are interested in knowing the details of how to use it, please let me know.

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