Slow pc? How to Speed Up Old Computer For Free A-Z In 2022

For those who have been using computers for a long time, there will be a time when the speed of these computers will gradually decrease. As a result, it is difficult to work with this computer.

And the reason for this problem is that the various purses of that computer have gone bad. So in today’s post, I will try to give you ideas on How to Speed Up Old Computer, and how to solve more PC-Related problems.


Most Common Computer Problems

  • Various problems can be seen when turning on the computer.
  • It takes a long time to turn on the computer.
  • Computer setup takes twice as long as before.
  • If you run the software, it will not open easily.
  • The speed of the software is slower than before.
  • Occasionally hangs during software.
  • There are various problems with installing software.
  • Sudden shutdown while the PC is running.
  • Decreased hard disk health.
  • The performance of the motherboard moves to a lower level.


How to Speed Up Old Computer by updating the device.

The speed of a computer depends on each of its components. However, depending on the work, if a new device is updated, it is a different matter.

It is often seen that the processor and motherboard are better fitted, but the RAM is less fitted or the hard disk is fitted instead of the SSD. In that case, update your device, and Speed Up Old Computer will automatically watch the work.

However, in most of the old PCs, RAM, hard disk, DVD writer, SATA cable, power supply, more changes are made. This is because their prices are almost limited and if they change, some good results can be obtained. However, if the motherboard is absolutely bad, try to buy a good quality product.


How to Speed Up Old Computer by updating HDD To SSD

For those who have been using a hard disk on a PC or laptop for a long time, their computer starts to slow down after a few years.

After a few years of running the hard disk, for various reasons, its health content is reduced. If you use it in a new situation, the amount of speed that you get is no longer available.

And then we start having problems running this computer or laptop. The performance of this PC decreases a lot when the hard disk gets bad or the health condition decreases. And then it becomes very difficult to protect or transfer all the information of this hard disk.

There are times when a lot of important files or videos are completely lost, then there is nothing to do. Even if you repair this hard disk, you will get much less speed than before.

In that case, if you want to increase the speed of your old computer ten times more than before, you need to replace the hard disk with SSD.

The speed of this PC will be much better when you install SSD. Because the read and write speed of SSD from hard disk is about ten times equal. Moreover, the possibility of damage is much less.

Storage is the most important part of a computer. Because this storage manages all kinds of information, starting from the maintenance of computer programs.

And if you are stingy in buying this device, you will get less performance even if you improve the rest of the purse.

So those who have a good budget will try to install a good quality SSD. Moreover, if you install a low-cost SSD, you can see much better results from Hard Disk.


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What will happen if SSD is installed on an old computer?

  • If the hard disk takes 60 seconds, the SSD will take 10 seconds to turn on the computer.
  • If you want to copy a large file and move it to another location, it will take half as long as the hard disk.
  • SSDs, take half the time to set up a computer compared to a hard disk.
  • Data will be protected on SSD for a longer year than on hard disk.
  • If it hangs, the computer will not take long to become normal.
  • The software can be installed quickly.
  • The software will run smoothly.


Recover data in hard disk health condition zero.

If the condition of the hard disk becomes absolutely bad. In such a situation, if all the information in this dive has to be transferred to another place, then the information can be recovered. And if you have an extra hard disk, attach it to the motherboard with a SATA cable.

Then copy all the files or information and transfer it to this hard disk. And if your data is large in size and you don’t have a hard disk, there’s no reason to worry.

If you have WiFi at home, there are now many free data store sites where you can upload all your information. But later you will buy a new hard disk and bring it back.

Because since you will keep all the files for free, if this site is premium for any reason, you will get in trouble.

However, it will take you a long time to recover the data in these two methods. Because the condition of the hard disk goes to zero, the speed decreases a lot.

As a result, if it takes 5 minutes to transfer the file under normal circumstances, it may take 20-25 minutes. However, it will only depend on the condition and how long it will take.


Increasing the speed of the old computer by adding extra RAM

Currently, most motherboards have 2 to 4 RAM salts. As a result, those who have installed RAM in the new situation can install additional RAM in the future. Performance is higher when two RAMs are used than one. Those who have little or no budget should first install good-quality RAM.

In the future, if you want to run heavy software, you can increase the speed of the old computer by installing new RAM again. Those who have 2 salts on their motherboard can only use two RAMs. So if you have to use more RAM, you can add a single GB of 8 GB or 16 GB.

If you use more buses, you will get better speed. But keep in mind how much your processor has the capacity to hold MHz. For example, your processor can handle 2600 MHz of DDR4, but you have installed 3200 MHz.

However, there was no benefit in buying this RAM. Because since your motherboard can handle 2600 MHz, no matter how much you put it outside, you will get the speed of 2600 MHz.

Slow pc? How to Speed Up Old Computer For Free A-Z In 2022
Slow pc? How to Speed Up Old Computer For Free A-Z In 2022


In this post, I have tried my best to give you something good. If you have an old computer, you can increase the speed a lot by relying on all this information. Thanks, everyone will be fine and comment.

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