How To Reset Photoshop Any Version Default Settings

How To Reset Photoshop Any Version Default Settings
How To Reset Photoshop Any Version Default Settings


Those who use Adobe Photoshop software on computers, many times it can be seen that various settings of this software are changed due to various reasons. As a result, many tools or editing options of the software are not available. Those who are very expert about Adobe Photoshop can solve it very easily.

But those who are new and don’t have much idea about this software. They delete and reinstall the software to restore the previous settings. As a result of which a lot of time is lost and you have to get into trouble.

So in today’s post I will tell you the technique of how you can easily reset all the settings without deleting the Photoshop software. You can use this method in any new or old version of Adobe Photoshop. So, if you want to know all the detailed information, please read the entire post.

Moreover, using this method you can reset Photoshop Any Version Default Settings by applying it on Mac and Linux including Windows 7,8,9,10,11.


How To Reset Photoshop Any Version Default Settings

How to Reset Default Settings of Adobe Photoshop CC, CS5, CS6, any version of the software is given below:

Adobe Photoshop Settings Reset:  First open the Adobe Photoshop software. Then click on Edit option above all. Click on General under the preferences option in Edit. Or press the shortcut command (Ctrl+K) on the keyboard to get the general option.

reset photoshop settings windows

Now you will get Reset preferences on Quit option below and click on ok button. Now if you close the Adobe Photoshop software and reopen it, you will see that all the settings have changed.



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