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How to increase the speed of WordPress website? Score (100%)

How to increase the speed of WordPress website? Score (100%)

After building the website the most important thing is to increase the speed. Because when a visitor comes to read an article on the website and if the website opens slowly, then that visitor cannot stay or visit the website for a long time.

As a result, the bounce rate of this website increases, and the article cannot rank in Google. When a new website is first created, having a limited number of articles and plugins makes the site load very quickly.

Also, since there are fewer visitors at that time, even if the website has heavy themes, it does not take much time to load the site.

But when articles, plugins, and visitors start increasing on the website, the speed of the site slows down a lot. So in today’s article, I will discuss in detail how to increase WordPress site speed up to 100%.


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This setting will be most effective in GeneratePress themes. So those who have these themes installed on their website will get almost 100% speed of their website.

Moreover, for those who are using Newspaper or other themes without GeneratePress, this setting may be effective but the speed may be a little slower. However, when opening the site in any browser with mobile, the estimated speed will be more than 80%-90%.

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Also, those whose website hosting is very weak can also increase the speed of the website with this setting. But one thing, no matter how much you increase the speed of your site, if the performance of the site hosting is not good, then no setting or method can get such a good benefit.


How to increase the speed of WordPress website

First of all, you have to install two plugins on the website. These plugins are called OMGF Optimize My Google Fonts and WP Rocket.

wp rocket plugin settings

Step: 1- Now click on the Settings option of WP Rocket plugins. Now you will find an option called Tools at the bottom of the sidebar menu option, click on it.

Download File


wp rocket plugin Import settingsNow there is a file above the download option, download it. Then upload this downloaded file to the Import settings option. Then click on the UPLOAD FILE AND IMPORT SETTINGS option.

Now above you will find an option to Stop Preload click on it. Finally, click Remove all cached files in the dashboard option in WP Rocket.

Step: 2:- Now click on the Settings option of OMGF plugins. Then click on the Save & Mode button at the bottom without making any disclosure settings.

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After completing these tasks, check your website speed by going to gtmetrix or page speed insights. Now you will see that your site speed has increased a lot more than before.

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