How To Buy Daraz Mystery Box 1st Time 100% Working Trick

How To Buy Daraz Mystery Box: Daraz Online Shopping Platform competes to buy Mystery Box on a special day. During this offer, thousands of people compete to buy Mystery Box.

But this Mystery Box can only be bought by a limited number of individuals. As a result, most people cannot buy this offer. So in today’s post How To Buy Daraz Mystery Box 1st Time And all the information about Daraz will be discussed in detail.


Daraz Mystery Box date, Price &Country Available

There is no set time for Daraz’s mystery box. However, every year in November, an offer called Daraz mystery box 11 11 is always given. Moreover, most of the mystery box offers are offered for several consecutive days in November.

The prices of these mystery boxes are 1tk, 7tk, 11tk, 12tk, 14tk, 99tk, etc. This mystery box of daraz is available in Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan besides Bangladesh. However, depending on the location, environment, and different special days of each country, this offer is offered for a limited time and a limited number of people.


How do you know when the Mystery Box offer will be available?

The news of the availability of the mystery box was announced by Daraz on their official Facebook page 2-3 hours before the launch of the offer. However, if you always want to know the news about the mystery box is available, then you have to follow their Facebook page.

Moreover, those who have opened an account by installing Daraz’s android apps on their mobile will be able to know about the offer through mobile notifications 2 to 3 hours before the launch of the offer.


Which product is found inside Daraz Mystery Box?

Many people are curious about what is found inside the mystery box. In fact, there is no mention of any specific product about that can be found inside the mystery box. The reason is that these boxes are given to the customers through a lottery.

So in this box, you can get more expensive products and you can also get cheaper products. However, everyone who has won the mystery box will definitely get something or the other.

Mystery boxes are usually given mostly: shoes, T-shirts, shirts or cotton products, mobile devices, cameras, cosmetics, etc. And inside this mystery box, the product can be available for a maximum price of 50-5000 rupees.


How To Buy Daraz Mystery Box 1st Time

You must have an account open in daraz to buy a mystery box. Then you have to be ready with a PC or mobile phone 10 minutes before the offer to buy the mystery box starts.

First, open Google Chrome or any browser with mobile or PC and sign in to daraz account. Then go to Daraz’s Facebook page and copy the link to buy the mystery box.

Search by pasting this link in Google Chrome 5 minutes ago. Then keep refreshing the page 1 minute before the offer starts. Just when you see the buy button on this page, just click on this button to order and complete the payment.

And if the buy button does not appear in front of you, keep refreshing until this button appears in front of you. Even if this offer is 1 hour, there is a possibility of getting in the first 1-5 minutes.


If you know the things that can easily buy Mystery Box?

  • It is better to use a computer.
  • Those who do not have a computer can use Google Chrome on their mobile.
  • Be prepared 10 minutes before the offer launches.
  • Before launching the offer, go to Daraz’s Facebook page and copy the mystery box purchase link.
  • Repeatedly refresh the link 1 minute before the offer starts.
  • After the offer is launched, Complete the payment within 10-15 seconds as seen in the buy button.
  • Using a mobile or computer with a high-speed network.
  • You are more likely to get this offer in the first minute.
How To Buy Daraz Mystery Box 1st Time 100% Working Trick

How long does it take to get the Daraz mystery box delivered?

Delivery of any product of daraz is available within approximately 7-15 days. Delivery is available within 5-7 days in the field of the mystery box. However, the delivery may take a bit longer depending on the location.

Delivery to the nearest place is always fast and it takes a little longer to get to a remote place or rural area. All the products of Daraz are delivered by home delivery.

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