How To Add Table in Blogger Between Post With HTML Code 2022

In today’s article, I will teach you How To Add Table in Blogger Between Posts using HTML code. Those of us who use bloggers need to create tables to show biography or data in blogger posts. Those who are new are most curious to see the tables of other websites. There is a lot of desire to know how it is made. Blogging is usually done through WordPress and Blogger.

Those who use WordPress do not have to do any kind of coding, they can easily create it through various plugins. Those who use the Blogger platform cannot use the plugin. But how can they create tables in it? So read the post from beginning to end to get all the information.


How To Add Table in Blogger Between Posts Html Code Copy

 table {width:100%}
 table,th,td {border: 1px solid black;}
<th> Name</th>
<th> Address</th>
<th> Number</th>
<th> Zip Code</th>
<th> Age</th>
<td> Tazul Islam</td>
<td> Bangladesh</td>
<td> 00151542</td>
<td> 25096</td>
<td> 20</td>

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How To Add Table in Blogger Between Post-Full Explain Easily

To create a table in a Blogger post with HTML code, you must first copy the codes above. You can then edit the codes on any Notepad. After completing the required information, you have to paste it into the place where you want to show the table in your post.

These codes include 5 black columns and rows. You can edit as many rows and columns as you want. Now note the information below step by step to learn easily.

how To Add Table in Blogger Between Post html code easy 2021


Creating Tables Using HTML Code

Take a good look at the image below, you will see that the location of the codes is marked by text.


Size Increase

To increase or decrease the size of the table distance, you must first work on the code. Notice this code table {width: 100%} which will be above all. Lastly, size the code area to 100% according to your needs.


Changing Colors

The second option in the image is given in the color black. Here you just change the color name will change.


Table Column

There are 5 columns in the 3rd option. If you need additional columns, just copy and post the <th> Name </th> code and it will become a new column. And you can write whatever you want to write in the column by changing the text of the middle part.


Table Row

The latest fourth option HTML codes are table rows. To increase the number of rows you need, copy this code <td> Tazul Islam </td> and post as many rows as you need, new rows will be created.


How To Add Table in Blogger Between Post Step By Step Details Information

Step-0: Copy the HTML codes above to add tables to Blogger posts. Then move to the post table you want to add.

how to add table in blogger Between Post

Step-1: Inside the post, you will actually see a sign of the pen. Click on this icon and click on the HTML view option.

Step-2: After entering the HTML view mode, click on the Format HTML at the top. As a result, the code will be lined up, if you do not understand, look at the side of the image above. The image is shown in a simple way step by step.

Step-3: Now, where you want to show the table in the post, post the HTML codes below </p> at the end of this paragraph. The table will show if you want to preview or publish.

how To Add Table in Blogger Between Post
How To Add Table in Blogger Between Post In 2022


In this post, I have tried my best, how to put the HTML code in the right way. Please let me know in the comments how much you understand. And in the future, I will upload a new series of posts for those of you who want to work on Blogger.

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