How Connect Keyboard And Mouse To Mobile Can Increase Your Profit, Secrets to make money with mobile and do different things

How Connect Keyboard And Mouse To Mobile Can Increase Your Profit, Secrets to make money with mobile and do different things

Many of us have a hobby of running a computer but the price of this device is so high that it is almost difficult for everyone to buy it. Moreover, many people want to play blogging articles or gaming but they can’t do that because they don’t have a computer.


So in today’s post, I will discuss with you in detail how you can run your Android mobile like a computer using a keyboard and mouse. I hope this post will be useful for those who use mobile to work online or run Facebook.


    How can I use both keyboard and mouse on Android?

    All you need to connect a keyboard to your mobile phone is an OTG and a new or old keyboard and mouse on any computer at a low cost. Moreover, those who have financial problems will get OTG, mouse, and keyboard at low prices in the market.


    So first connect OTG with your mobile then connect the keyboard USB port with this OTG and go to mobile settings and turn on the OTG option. In the case of some mobiles, the OTG option does not have to be turned on but the automatic projection works.


    After connecting, install any Notes app or Google Docs on your mobile, then press the button on the keyboard to see if the characters are working. If the keyboard doesn’t work, check if your OTG cable and keyboard are OK.


    Moreover, after buying OTG and a keyboard, check it from the shop or any nearby computer shop. And for those who want to run the keyboard and mouse together, they just buy the Dual OTG
    Can run two devices simultaneously. And lastly, those who type in Bengali, Arabic, Hindi, etc., besides English, will install a separate typing app according to their own language.

    How to play games on mobile using a keyboard and mouse?

    Many people have a strong desire that if I had a PC or laptop, how much fun it would be to play games like Pubg, Free Fire. So you can get this aspiration using your mobile keyboard and mouse.


    If you have a good quality Android mobile phone. However, just like a PC, you can play games on your mobile using a keyboard and mouse. And the functions will work in exactly the same way that computers or laptops use commands to manage all these games.

    How to run Microsoft Office program on mobile using keyboard and mouse?

    Many are unable to run Microsoft Office programs because they do not have a computer or laptop. Or you are learning a Microsoft Office program from a training center but do not have a laptop or PC to come home and practice. They can install and run Microsoft Office program’s MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint software on mobile from Google Play Store.

    And using the keyboard and mouse as per the instructions above, you can make your mobile phone a small mobile computer. And the funniest thing is that those who want to get a job or increase typing speed and can’t afford to buy your computer, they can do much better typing by putting a keyboard and mouse on their mobile. And you don’t need a computer just for typing.

    Those who use the apps of Microsoft Office program on mobile will get all the functions just like computer. However, the problem is that since the size of the mobile display is small, the functions are not arranged like a computer. However, even if it is random, all the functions are given correctly and if you search on a little mobile, you will get all the functions.

    How to earn money from Blogger or wordpress using keyboard and mouse on mobile? 

    Now let’s come to those who want to make money online. But without computers, will they be able to earn money from their mobiles? The answer to the question is yes, those who want to make money by writing articles in the new stage of blogging or want to make money in other ways. They will be able to do all the work of typing and bugger or wordpress as fast as computer using keyboard and mouse on mobile.


    As far as I know, there are a lot of bloggers who work only through mobile and are in a good position today. And if we talk about success, it will only depend on the style of work and how much you can go ahead in life.


    In this post I have tried to give you a brief overview of what you can do using the keyboard and mouse with an OTG. And with this device, many more things can be done besides this kind of work. Depending on your thinking style and intelligence, you can find all kinds of cool ideas. And finally, let me know in the comments how you like this post.