Easy Success Hollow Block Making Business Idea In India 2022

Hollow Block Making Business Idea In India 2022: Today I have come up with a new India Hollow Block Making Business Idea. Almost all of you are familiar with Hollow Block. Demand for this type of cement block is increasing day by day in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan.

Because it is much stronger and more durable than red brick made of clay. Moreover, its use is increasing day by day due to its environmental friendliness.

So if you want to start a productive business from two and a half to three lakh rupees. Then you can start this Hollow Block Making Business.

In today’s post, I will discuss with you how much will be the profit to do this business. Read the full post to get ideas about raw material making and machine use price etc.


How To Start A Hollow Block Making Business

If you want to start a Business Creating Hollow Block. But to start a business, you first need a machine and raw materials to create your blog.

You will need 2 machines to make the block. One is Block Making Machine and the other is a Concrete mixer machine for mixing raw materials.

Nuri stone, sand, and the cement will be required as raw materials to make the block. In particular, the price of this machine can be estimated as 240000-300000 rupees.

So first you have to collect all the necessary raw materials. You will then need to prepare a sufficient amount of cement sand and stone raw material in the mixer machine.

Once the raw materials are mixed, the raw materials have to be put in the dice of the machine. Then put the cover of the dice and turn on the machine. Within a few seconds of turning it on, the processing of the hollow block will be completed.

Once the blocks are created, they should be separated from the machine and allowed to dry in the sun. In this way, you have to create one block after another.

It can take about three days to dry the hollow blocks in the sun. Once dried you can prepare it for marketing. For those who want to make such blocks in different sizes, they need to buy a machine of the size you need.

There are dice machines of different sites in the market now. Although the price is a little different, this machine is run in the same way.

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This Business Profit and Market Determination

Usually, a hollow block is equal to 5 bricks. The cost to make each block is around 30-40 rupees and you can sell it for 5-6 rupees. This means that for every 10 reps you can earn as much as 1-1.5 reps.

In order to increase sales, you need to contact the manufacturers of different industries. Usually, people around you may not know about this product. For that, you can put banners on different sides of your business.

This will let everyone know and increase their ideas about this block. So this was my post today, if you like it, don’t forget to comment.

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