High-Quality Content Writing But CPC Low In Website – 2022

ooHigh-Quality Content Writing But CPC Low In Website: Blogging or WordPress users write high quality content to earn extra in low views. Because good CPCs are available, but 0.01-0.05 CPCs are often available despite everything being fine.

So in today’s post I will try to discuss in detail how to solve the low CPC problem of your website and what causes this problem. Those who are interested must read this post in full to get all the information.


CPC Low In Website Problem Solve

The CPC problem of a website can be solved in three ways, the first is by doing keyword research, the second is to select high CPC country, and the third is to solve the technical problem.

Keyword Research: To write a Seo Friendly article on a website, you need to do Keyword Research on the topic or article you want to write. And to do Keyword Research you have to do it using different tools and intelligence.

Best Keyword Research tools: Ahref , Semrush, ubersuggest,moz,Google Keyword Planner

High CPC Country Select: There are many countries in the world where good CPC is available from any content. Even if Low-quality articles rank in all these countries, you will get much higher CPC.

Highest Paying CPC Countries 2022 AdSense List

  • Canada.
  • Australia.
  • Germany.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Marshall Islands.
  • United States.
  • United Arab Emirates.
  • Luxembourg.
High-Quality Content Writing But CPC Low In Website - 2022
High-Quality Content Writing But CPC Low In Website – 2022

Theme Selection

To create a website, bloggers or WordPress users choose a theme or template that is not Seo Friendly. As a result, there are many problems with opening this website on mobile or any other device. As a result, ads take a long time to load and not all ads are loaded.

Moreover, many premium themes or templates are downloaded and used for free from online, which is not safe. This can lead to malware viruses or other problems on the website. So be sure to purchase the original theme or template and use it.

If it is not possible to purchase, then after downloading all these themes or templates, go to virustotal.com and upload it to see if there is any kind of virus or problem. Get to know all the information about the theme or template that you will install on your website from YouTube first.

Websites on WordPress can use these themes: Astra, generatepress, Newspaper 13


Theme Customization

After installing the theme, the website needs to be user friendly customization. Because of this, all the posts and ads of the website will be loaded nicely and more clicks will come.

Many do not do much customization after installing the theme. As a result, when visitors come to the website, the ads may not load well in front of them. So no matter which theme you use, you must do the whole website even if you do basic customization.


Seo Friendly Article

Newcomers randomly publish an article. As a result, this article on the website can not keep visitors long. Moreover, since some lines of paragraph are not spaced in the article, there is no space for auto ads to be loaded. This results in less ads and less clicks and earnings.

So of course if you don’t know how to write Seo Friendly Article then you can go to YouTube and watch the video. Moreover, you can notice the writing style of other websites.


Cheap Quality Hosting

Those who use shared hosting buy some packs at low prices which have very limited speed. As a result, the website takes a long time to load and not all the ads can load properly. All these shared hosting can’t handle so many visitors.

As a result, a small number of visitors actually slow down and the server goes down again and again. So those who are new must know about it before buying any shared hosting. Don’t Buy cheap hosting by looking at attractive offers on Facebook or website.

If you want to buy shared hosting, buy ssd hosting from a reputable company. Before buying, check their customer service and talk to them in the chat. Don’t buy hosting from people who don’t have good customer service.

Because if there is any problem in Server, the website will be down for a long time as a result of not getting quick response from them. As a result, the ranking of the website will go down a lot.


Website Optimized

It needs to be optimized to speed up the WordPress website. As a result, the speed of the website is increased by installing cloudflare, wp rocket or various plugins. As a result, the speed increases and the article loads faster after everything is optimized, but the ads take a long time to load.

Resulting in lower CPC and CTR. So, of course, more than the required website can not be optimized and if the hosting is weak, no matter how optimized, the speed will not increase.


Affect of CloudFlare on Ads CPC

Affect of CloudFlare on Ads CPC

Most of the people whose websites are created with WordPress use CloudFlare. This is because the use of CloudFlare speeds up the website and plays a big role in the field of security.

If you go to this CloudFlare and click on Speed, you will get an Optimization option. There are three options: JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Enabling these options helps reduce the size of the source code file on the website. As a result, the website loads very quickly.

However, those who have Google Adsense approval on their website and have run ads. But the click and CPC on the website is also coming less. First of all, see if CloudFlare has JavaScript, CSS, and HTML enabled.

If enabled, disable the JavaScript option. The reason is that if it is enabled, the ads on the website load a little late. As a result, many times if the hosting or user network is weak, then low ads load. Sometimes it happens that not all the ads are loaded on the website.

However, those whose hosting is good and CPC is good do not need to disable JavaScript. However, it is common for those who write low quality content to have low CPC on their website, in which case all these methods will not work in any way.

Some important things

  • Those websites that do not have Google Adsense approval must enable JavaScript, CSS, and HTML options.
  • Only use this method on sites approved by Google Adsense.
  • If the hosting of the website is weak, even after disabling JavaScript, if the CPC does not increase, then enable it again.
  • For those whose website has high CPC despite having JavaScript enabled, they do not need to disable it.


My Personal Experience With CloudFlare

As far as I can tell after using CloudFlare, CPC was much lower after having JavaScript enabled. But when I disable the JavaScript option, the CPC increases a lot. However, high-quality content was written on my website. This method may not work in everyone’s field, but you can try it.


Not putting the right ads in the right place

CPC can come low even if you don’t place the right ads in the right place. Learn how to use display ads, in-article ads, and multiplex ads. First of all, turn on the auto ads option, then turn on the Ad size option in Global settings.

Then, if you are a WordPress user, place two ads before and after content with AD Inserter plugin. You can place display ads in Before content and display ads or in-article ads in After content. If you want to place ads in the middle, use both in-article and display ads after 5-10 paragraph.

You can place the sidebar, related post, and footer area of multiplex ads theme or template in place.

People who use Blogger turn on auto ads. If the template has the option to place before and after content ads in the article, use it. Those who do not have these options can add additional code to the template. If you want to know how to use the code to place the article’s before and after content ads on Blogger, you can do so by watching the video on YouTube.


How to block low cpc ads in adsense

There are some ads companies and ads categories that are almost non-existent in Cpc and Rpm. Cpc is much improved if all these ads are blocked by the network network and the ads categories. So for that, first go to Google Adsense’s Blocking controls option and block it in All Sites option.

But of course there are benefits to using it wisely. If you block the ads networks without understanding anything, the ads will show less. So be sure to watch the YouTube video and apply it knowing the details about it.



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