Google Adsense Approval Only 8 Post Without Trick In WordPress

The dream of getting Google Adsense Approval belongs to all Blogger and WordPress users. It takes months or even years for someone to realize this dream. And after a long wait, when the Approval message comes from Google Adsense, the joy of that day will never be forgotten.

So friends in today’s post I will discuss in detail how I got Google Adsense Approval after 3 years in 8 posts. This post will be very useful for those who have been trying for Google Adsense Approval for a long time.


How I got Google Adsense Approval in 8 posts without any trick

Friends will first let you know about the success of my Blogger and WordPress career. Because those who have not received Adsense Approval now will increase their confidence even if it is a little bit.

I first started working at Blogger in 2018 and that was with the free domain. After working for many days, I found out that Google Adsense Approval is not available in the free domain. Then I started Buying a Custom Domain, then there was a great problem with post-writing. Because in the new situation, I almost couldn’t think of writing an article on any subject.

As a result, I started writing copy-paste articles, every time I applied for Adsense, I got an error of policy violence. So I get very confused and failed at the first domain. I started by buying a new domain again in 2020. This time I started writing the movie review article myself but again I failed to get approval.

After 1 year, after the expiration of the domain, I renew the domain again and also buy hosting. Because I have been working in this field for almost three years, which has created a kind of metamorphosis. Let’s start writing a unique article on low competition keywords.

Many people understand that a unique article is written by one’s own hand, but it is not. A unique article means writing an article on a topic on which fewer articles have been written on Google. Now if you have an article on such a topic. The type of article that is already on Google, but will not be considered unique.

So I’m going to end a very long story, telling you how I got the approval. For the first time in almost 40 days, I wrote 8 articles and approved Google AdSense for WordPress. When I applied, my post was only 8 out of which Google Index had 6 articles.

So the thing I understand in the field of Google Adsense Approval is that content plays the biggest role in getting approval. Because 98% of the sites do not get approval only if there is a problem with your content. And no matter which site you use Blogger or WordPress, you must pay attention to the content to get approval.


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How To Google Adsense Approval Without Trick In 2022

Many people want to know about the Google Adsense Approval strategy. Most of the newcomers, especially those who are curious, can easily get AdSense approval using any method. So the answer is that everyone uses different methods to approve AdSense.

You can never improve by following the methods of others. You must choose a different method for yourself. And this method can be in the field of article writing or in the field of SEO. For example, suppose you want a post to be ranked number one in Google. So for that, you must first surpass the site which has Google rank. And you must use your own technique to overcome.


How to write articles for Adsense Approval

First, you need to select a few 4-5 topics. Then find out the Low Competition Keyword by using the Ahrefs Tool or by doing keyword research. Of course, use the long keyword, as it is less likely to have competition. Now know all the information about the topic you will write an article on.

Then do a Google search for the top 10 posts in this keyword. After looking at the details, write fresh content as you like. And of course, highlight these issues that weren’t covered in this article on Google

Now let’s write how many word articles. It is better for you to write an article above 500 or 1000 words in the new situation. In fact, the reason for saying more is that there is a problem in indexing and ranking the site in the new environment. As a result, if you write articles in large sizes, there is a possibility to rank quickly in any keyword.

Those who do not know how to write a post can write their method on different sites. And those who can’t write at all can take the help of YouTube. You will find the solution to all the problems on YouTube now. And those who see different designs in the post, think about how it has been done. The code is used for Blogger and the plugin is used for WordPress.


Designing the site for Adsense Approval

You will get free and premium templates for Blogger’s designs. And you can go into Blogger’s complete design layout. Those who have an idea about coding can easily do advanced design. And you can customize the design in a simple way, with no problem. Below are some of Blogger’s templates that you can use if you want.


Template For Blogger


You will get both premium and free templates for WordPress. You will get some additional benefits in the premium version and you will not have any problem getting Google Adsense Approval for free. The biggest advantage of WordPress is that you can customize it professionally. However, if you have a site in shared hosting, keep the site in a normal way.

Because the speed of shared hosting is less efficient, designing the site will increase the file size and delay the site loading. And of course, after installing the template on the site, you will learn about different plugins. Below are the names of some free and premium WordPress templates.


Template For WordPress

  • GeneratePress
  • Astra
  • News X Paper Magazine Template


Google Adsense Approval Only 8 Post Without Trick In WordPress
Google Adsense Approval Only 8 Post Without Trick In WordPress




Friends, today’s post has been written only for the purpose of motivating you. And a few basic ideas for Google Adsense Approval. Those who want to know about different bloggers and WordPress can comment below. And there is no reason to be discouraged. Keep working and you will surely succeed one day.

Hi Guys I am Tajul Islam. I write articles on this site about Games Review, Sports, News, Technology, Blogging, windows, Small Business Ideas, Gadgets, Tricks, and much more.


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