Free Web Submission Site List-Increase Website Traffic For Free In 2022

There are many problems in bringing post index and traffic to the new website. So in today’s article, I will discuss with you in detail About several Free Web Submission Site List and increase website traffic for free in 2022.

In addition to Google, Bing, Yandex, duckduckgo, yahoo, there are many more search engines platforms. But in all these Search Engines you can read a lot of problems to manually on your site.

So when you start working on a new website. By using these Free Web Submission sites, you can quickly index and rank Google posts. Moreover, many search engines can easily index your site with one click.

Free Web Submission

With the Free Web Submission website, you can send the URL of your website to 15 Search Engines every time.

When you write a new post, you can come to this site and submit the link and apply directly to various search engines to index your site.

free web submission


When you first use the Free Web Submission site, first enter your domain URL in the Website URL option. Then enter the name of your site in the name option.

Enter your Gmail ID in the Email Address option. Check the Yes in the I have read and agree to the terms option below. Then click on the text Submit Your site red button.

When you first submit your site, you will receive an email confirming. If you open the mail and click on the confirm link, your site will be linked to the Free Web Submission website.

Moreover, you can submit a URL, in the same way, every time you write a new post. However, only the URL of the post and the title of the post should be given in the name option instead of the website URL. All other processes are the same.

Submit Your Website

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The Entire Web is a very popular web submission site with around 5 million users using this Platform. You can submit your URL index to 11 Search Engines every time here.

To associate a new site with the entire web for the first time, you need to click on the proceed option with the Domain URL and Gmail ID.

You will then receive a confirmation mail, click on it. Now every time you write a new post, if you enter the URL of that post here, it will be automatically submitted to all search engines.


Submit Your Website

Submit Express

Submit your domain URL for the first time on your site via submit express. Then when you receive the mail, you can confirm it and submit the URL of all other posts.

In order to always submit, you need to fill up the image form given below. And follow the steps below to fill up the form.

Url: Enter the URL of your post here.

Email: Must provide a used Gmail ID.

Name: Here you have to enter the short title of the post or the name of the website.

Business Phone: Give your mobile number in this option.

Country: Enter the name of the country where you live.

Now the codes have to be placed in the lower cell of the country. Then you have to click on the Submit Now option with a checkmark on all the options.

submit express

Submit Your Website

ping O Matic

Ping O Matic allows you to submit your website in 4 places at a time. First, you have to give the title of your post in the Blog Name option. Then enter the URL of your post in the Blog Home Page option.

There is no need to give anything in the RSS URL option, but you can give if the RSS URL is on your site. When all the work is done, checkmark the Common Services option below and click on the send pings option.


Submit Your Website


Pingler To submit your site, first, you have to enter the title of the post and the post URL. Then in the Category option, you select 3 niches according to your site. If you click on the ping option below, your site will be submitted within 2 minutes.


Submit Your Website



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